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Moodle Workplace is revolutionising the way that the world’s most popular LMS is used in corporate learning.

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What is
Moodle Workplace?

Moodle Workplace is revolutionising the way that the world’s most popular LMS is used in corporate learning.

The solution builds on the tried and tested Moodle platform, while adding a host of new features specifically designed for the needs of businesses.

Built in reporting functions, advanced customisation options, automated workflows and compatibility with existing HR systems mean that Moodle Workplace is the ideal solution for organisations looking to implement a best-in-class employee training and compliance programme.

Embed e-learning in your company culture

Moodle Workplace is geared towards making workplace learning more accessible, more engaging and more enjoyable.

Every aspect of the platform is designed to be easy to use from day one, allowing learners to focus on the content, not the application.

Supercharge your organisation's
Learning & Development with
Moodle Workplace

  • Learners

    Empower learners to take control of their own development by allowing them to access content, complete activities and view progress, from any device, anywhere. 

    Simple, intuitive design

    User experience as a priority. With a highly customisable interface and a clear, uncluttered design, Moodle Workplace engages and supports learners from day one.

    Access from anywhere

    Responsive design and a dedicated app. Moodle Workplace works perfectly in desktop or mobile browsers, and with the dedicated mobile app, can even be used offline.

    Personalised learning

    Map out individual learner journeys. Using conditional activities, learners can progress through each course at a pace which matches their ability and attainment so far.

  • Trainers

    Course creation, assessment and reporting has never been simpler. Build new activities and resources and combine with third-party content to create rich and engaging learning experiences.

    Individual learner journeys

    Personalise training paths and certifications to each individual learner.

    Courses and content are grouped into programmes, allowing you to create easily manageable training paths, and automatically manage certifications and compliance.


    Streamlined workflows

    Automate common admin tasks, freeing up more time to work on course content.

    Significantly reduce admin time by automating labour intensive tasks such as course enrolments, certification allocation or security management for different user groups.

    Powerful reporting

    Create customisable reports and automatically send them to stakeholders.

    Moodle Workplace reduces admin time using an intuitive drag and drop interface, and allows you to schedule reports to be sent automatically to different audiences depending on their role.

  • Managers

    Customisable hierarchies and powerful reporting tools allow you to make data-driven decisions on all aspects of learning and development.

    Full integration

    Moodle Workplace integrates with your existing HR, MIS, and other systems. 

    Integrate your workforce training and development with other internal systems, importing and exporting company structures, organisational frameworks and assignments for your users.

    Company structure

    Adapt your platform to your company structure with defined roles and hierarchies.

    Assign individual management rights and security permissions to each role, to mirror the reporting lines and management relationships which exist within your organisation and ensure responsibilities are clear.

    Delegate by division

    Give each of your divisions, departments or franchises their own full LMS platform.

    The multi-tenancy feature of Moodle Workplace allows you to create divisional learning platforms within the company Moodle, letting you delegate LMS management to individual business units.

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Harness the power of Moodle for corporate training

Corporate and business training can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools.

Moodle Workplace draws on generations of open-source development and combines it with an astute understanding of the needs of modern businesses to provide an intelligently designed, industry-leading learning experience across countless use cases.


Moodle Workplace
Before & After Titus

Moodle Workplace with Titus includes an enhanced, highly customisable and user-focused interface. It allows you to take all the power and functionality of the LMS and transform it into a truly unique system that complements your brand.

Before Titus

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We excel in finding the best e-Learning solutions for our clients. Our platforms are highly customised to provide incredible learning experiences. Learn how we can help you achieve LMS success.

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The Labour Party is a British political party, originally born out of the trade union movement and founded on principles of equality, social justice and compassion.

National Health Service

The Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS trust is responsible for running the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.


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Our team is
our strength

“The team at Titus is super supportive and knowledgeable. We had a dedicated team helping us set up and implement the system. They really helped us address some functionality issues through current plugins and advising us on further development.”


Moodle Workplace is not being distributed in the same way as Moodle LMS, and so is not available as an open-source download. Moodle Workplace is only available via Moodle Partners, so that we can ensure a high-quality experience. Pricing varies according to the number of users at an organisation and the complexity of the solution needed. Get in touch with us for an exact price based on your requirements.

Although it is based on the same open-source code base as Moodle LMS, and therefore enjoys many of the advantages associated with open source products, such as years of community input and testing, Moodle Workplace itself is offered as a commercial product via Moodle Partners.

Moodle Workplace is not available for self-installation, it is only offered via the Moodle Partner network, to ensure a consistent, safe, secure and reliable experience for every customer. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about getting started with your Moodle Workplace installation.

Yes, Moodle Workplace has been specifically designed for workplace learning and development, and as such has a number of features not available in Moodle LMS, such as the ability to create hierarchies to match your organisational structure, advanced reporting tools and multi-tenancy capability.

Yes, the upgrade process from a Moodle LMS site to a Moodle Workplace site is usually quite simple, as the two systems are built on the same underlying code base. If your Moodle site is an older version, or you have a large amount of customisation applied, there may be added challenges however. Get in touch with us to find out the best option for your organisation.

"Our new platform will equip the Society with the platform to provide CPD, qualifications and end-point assessments for apprentices in a flexible and interactive way, reaching to our members and the wider workforce not only in the United Kingdom but also internationally."

– Peta-Marche Fee, British Psychological Society

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