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What is Moodle Workplace?

Moodle Workplace is revolutionising the way that the world’s most popular LMS is used in corporate learning.

The new solution builds on the tried and tested Moodle platform, while adding a host of new features specifically designed for the needs of businesses.

Built in reporting functions, advanced customisation options, automated workflows and compatibility with existing HR systems mean that Moodle Workplace is the ideal solution for businesses looking to implement a best-in-class employee training and compliance programme.

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Create your own employee training and compliance programmes

Courses and content are now grouped into programmes, allowing you to create easily manageable training paths. 

Certificates can now be set with a defined period for when they will need to be retaken to keep your employee certifications up to date.

Create customisable reports

Moodle Workplace reduces admin time using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

The interface comes with instant preview filtering and aggregates any data into the internal Learning Record Store. You can also schedule reports to be sent automatically to different audiences depending on their role.

Mirror your company structure

Adapt your platform to your company structure with defined roles and hierarchies.

You can also assign individual management rights and security permissions to each role, to mirror the reporting lines and management relationships which exist within your organisation and ensure responsibilities are clear.

Delegate learning by division

Give each of your divisions, departments or franchises their own full LMS platform.

The multi-tenancy feature of Moodle Workplace allows you to create divisional learning platforms within the company Moodle. This lets you delegate LMS management to individual business units.

Automate your workflow

Rule-based automation to streamline administration and management of your LMS.

The many automation tools within Moodle Workplace significantly reduce admin time by automating labour intensive tasks such as course enrolments, certification allocation or security management for different user groups.

Combine with existing systems

Integrate your Moodle Workplace platform with your existing systems and software.

Moodle Workplace has a huge number of integration options available. Integrate your workforce training and development with other HR systems, importing and exporting company structure, position frameworks and job assignments for your users.

Customise your platform’s design

Moodle Workplace comes with a highly customisable interface and a clear design.

You can match your platform to the look and feel of your company branding, and can easily add shortcuts or signposts to admin features, making your platform as intuitive as possible for your users and boosting engagement.

Access your platform anywhere

Empower your users by allowing them to access content from any device, anywhere. You can also develop a fully branded Moodle Workplace App.

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