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If you’re looking for expert Moodle consulting services, our team here at Titus has decades of combined experience. Are you looking to start using or get more from Moodle in order to save time and money for your business, and improve learning outcomes for your trainees or staff?

We have training and workplace learning consultants who all have extensive experience of working with and advising on the best use of Moodle to create learning platforms that deliver on clients’ goals – across a wide range of sectors.

Working closely with you, we’ll draw up an e-learning solution design that incorporates each thread of your brief, and lays out how the final system could look.

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Moodle Certified Premium Partner Badge

Moodle Certified Premium Partner

Titus is a Certified Premium Moodle Partner. This means that our company is endorsed by Moodle HQ as a provider of highest quality of Moodle services.

We can become an extension of your training or L&D team, working to make Moodle integrate seamlessly with your existing processes and IT systems.

When everything is up and running, and your team is happy and confident in using Moodle to manage learning materials and learner progress, we take on a supporting role – giving you the knowledge and tools you need to manage the system with as little (or as much) assistance as you want.

How we help

As with any IT-related project, we understand that the success of a project to introduce or reshape how you use e-learning and Moodle depends largely on the way it is discussed, planned and implemented, rather than the technology itself. User buy-in and understanding of how to use the technology is key.

We can liaise with stakeholders at all levels to ensure that all users are engaged and understand the potential cost and time savings, the learning outcome benefits, and how it can be used to make their roles easier.

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