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Moodle Mobile App | Learning anywhere at any time

A smartly tailored, Moodle mobile app.

Mobile technology is the present and the future, and year on year we see growth in the number of people using mobile apps to access their learning resources. As usage increases, so does demand for organisations to have their own, personalised mobile app.

Titus Learning has been developing Moodle mobile apps since their release, and in that time have created e-learning apps for a number of organisations, including The University of London, British Weight Lifting and Transparency International.

Through a Moodle mobile app, your learners can now have access to your content anywhere and any time. Get in touch for your free demo, or to chat with one of the team about your app development requirements.

Scroll left or right to see the difference between a standard Moodle App and a Branded Moodle Mobile App

Mobile app features:

Offline Accessibility

Access to all your learning resources at any time through the app’s offline capabilities, completed activities and quizzes will automatically sync back to your Moodle once online.

Calendar Access

Quick and easy access to your calendar at any time allowing you to easily check your due and overdue activities.

Push notifications

Send push notifications directly to all your learners, as well as private messages, forum posts and submissions.

Access Your Resources Anywhere

With both offline and online functionality, your mobile app allows your learners to access your learning resouces any time and anywhere.

Your design throughout

Your personal mobile app will come entirely in your branding, imagery and colours. A seamless continuation of your Moodle site’s design.

Download direct from IOS and Android app store

Your organisation’s custom app will be available on both the IOS and Android app stores, with the login credentials for your Moodle site also used to access the app.

Hosting Compliance

Complete hosting in Titus Learning’s infrastructure assuring your app and data is GDPR compliant.

Learner Analytics

In-depth mobile learning analytics giving you a high-level overview of your learners’ engagement and app usage.

Why not get in touch to see how our Moodle app can help you too?