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Access content, resources, activities and assessments directly through a tablet or smartphone, with all progress and data synced to your Moodle platform.

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Moodle Mobile App by Titus

Online learning is increasingly accessed via mobile devices rather than PCs or laptops. As usage increases, so too does the demand for organisations to have their own personalised mobile app.

With both offline and online functionality, the Moodle Mobile App allows your learners to access resources and activities whenever they need, and wherever they’re working. In-depth mobile learning analytics give you a high-level overview of their engagement, attainment and usage of the app.

Multiple Moodle Mobile Apps

Give staff control
over their learning

Removing the constraints of traditional training sessions or office based learning allows your users to set their own pace, navigate course content in whatever way is most comfortable to them and define how and when they learn, giving them greater control over their personal development and improving engagement. 

Offline availability

Access to all your learning resources at any time while offline, with progress automatically syncing back to your Moodle next time you’re online.

Calendar access

Quick and easy access to your calendar at any time allowing you to easily check the status of individual and group activities or events.

Push notifications

Send push notifications directly to learners, as well as private messages, forum posts and submissions to keep everyone up to date.

Individual branding

Your personal mobile app features your branding, imagery and colour scheme, matching perfectly with your Moodle platform’s theme.

Cross platform

Your organisation’s custom app will be available via the iOS and Android app stores, with single sign on using your Moodle credentials.

GDPR compliance

Managed hosting using enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure ensures that your app and any data stored and transferred is GDPR compliant.

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Embed learning into daily routines

Mobile access to Moodle allows your staff to make learning a part of their day-to day-work, accessing bite size resources as and when needed, referring to video or audio content to solve specific problems, or tracking and updating their progress towards qualifications or certifications related to their role.

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Our team is our strength

“The team have been incredibly reliable and fantastic in supporting our staff during the development of the platform, and their professionalism and flexibility shone ”

– 1st4sport Qualifications

"The new system has opened the door for us to write and create new courses to offer to our learners."

- British Weight Lifting

"With Titus’ help, we were able to modernise our learning environment while streamlining the learner experience."

- The National Physical Laboratory

"We see the project taking our business to the next level in the way we deliver training and interact with students."

- High Performance Learning


There are two ways to use Moodle via a smartphone (or tablet). The first is to use your mobile browser to navigate to your Moodle login page and access the site as you would on a desktop. 

However, for a better user experience, and offline access to your Moodle account, you can download the Moodle app from the iOS or Android app stores and log in to your Moodle that way. This requires the administrator of your Moodle site to have enabled access through the app. 

The Moodle Mobile app is a dedicated app, developed by Moodle HQ, which allows smartphone users to access their courses, training and messaging, even during periods when they are offline. 

Once your Moodle site has app functionality enabled, all you need to do is download and install the Moodle Mobile App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and then log in with your usual username and password. You’ll find all your content there, and it will sync automatically with your phone for offline availibility.

A free version of the Moodle app is available, and supports up to 2 offline courses per device, and push notifications for a maximum of 50 users. 

For larger Moodle sites, there are a number of paid options available depending on the exact requirements, including a fully customisable and branded app. Get in touch to find out more.

“From the initial inquiry, the team at Titus was able to really show us what they could do, not only visually but helping us adapt Moodle to a corporate training environment.”

– Wasabi

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