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Engaging content for your Moodle platform

No LMS is complete without well-designed, engaging content. While there is a wide range of pre-made e-learning content available it’s not always specific enough to meet your business needs precisely.

For organisations that require more targeted, relevant content, Titus offers a bespoke content authoring service, which can involve a combination of digitising or adapting pre-existing training materials, as well as creating new items from scratch across a range of media.

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Content designed specifically for your learners

We offer a full e-learning content authoring and development service, allowing you to commission bespoke courses, resources and activities which can be adapted to specific roles or competencies.

Video, audio and text content can be personalised to reflect your brand and your products or services.

Target your L&D spending

Commissioning bespoke LMS content doesn’t always mean spending more. Off-the-shelf packages may seem less expensive at first glance, but often not all of the included content will be relevant or useful, and there may be additional demands on your time to curate and shape the available content to fit your courses.

Working with Titus allows you to focus your content budget on meeting the precise needs of your learners, for a better return on your investment.

Automated assessment

As well as resources and reference content, we incorporate self-marking quizzes, activities and tests at a variety of difficulty levels to link up with your qualification or certification process.

Content planning

Each content item is tagged to allow easy indexing for search, and mapping to specific roles or competencies within your organisation.

Branding and personalisation

We’ll ensure that your branding and values are incorporated throughout the resources and assessments we create, as well as references to your specific products or services.

Repurpose and reuse

As well as ready to import content packages, we’ll also deliver the original files in the content creation process, allowing you to edit or update your content in-house.

Multimedia content

Our content packages include a mixture of text, audio, video and interactive resources and activities, tailored to the specific needs and goals of your learners to maximise engagement.

SCORM compliant

All the content we create is SCORM compliant, which means it can be imported into any compatible learning management system, including Moodle.

Reflect existing processes

Our bespoke content packages are designed to reflect your workflows and processes, ensuring that learners can relate the resources and activities to their day-to-day work.

Assessible and responsive

Every item of content is designed to display equally well across a variety of devices and screen sizes, as well as being fully accessible and compatible with assistive technologies.

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