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The story of Titus | Our heritage

The story of Titus

Founded in 2013, by Seb Francis and Mike Bennett, Titus Learning is the result of their shared desire to provide properly tailored Moodle platforms, enabling effective e-learning for users across a range of sectors.

We now provide Moodle services to a wide range of businesses, not-for-profits, public sector organisations and education providers in 23 countries worldwide. Listening carefully to the individual needs of our clients, we handpick a set of services to meet their requirements. Following the great success we’ve seen in the UK and overseas, we’re one of the few Moodle partners to be registered in more than one country, being certified in the UK, UAE and Hong Kong.

Where is Titus based?

Titus Learning is headquartered, very appropriately, in Salts Mill in Saltaire, a UNESCO world heritage site in West Yorkshire in the UK. Originally built by entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist, Sir Titus Salt in 1853, the Mill was once a bustling hub for his textile empire.

Saltaire rapidly became known for enterprise, innovation and progressive education; all values we live by each and every day at Titus.