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What is
Moodle LMS?

Moodle LMS is the most widely used open-source learning platform, supporting more than 360 million learners worldwide. Originally designed for the education sector, it’s now in use by a diverse range of organisations including businesses, training providers, membership organisations and public-sector, non-profit and charity bodies.

Moodle’s open-source nature makes it a cost-effective solution for small teams, while its scalability, options for customisation and wide range of software integrations position the platform as a reliable and high-performing solution for large-scale implementations — able to support user bases of six or seven figures. 

As a Certified Premium Moodle Partner, Titus offers full-service Moodle LMS installations, incorporating design, configuration, testing and implementation. This is complemented by a range of supporting services including hosting and remote management of the solution, onsite or remote training programmes, custom design and development, and integration of the Moodle platform with other software and applications. 


Entirely Customisable Online Learning Management System

The main strength of Moodle LMS is its flexibility — with almost every aspect of the platform being customisable to meet the specific needs of your organisation and your learners. On a visual level, customisable themes and reconfigurable layouts allow you to tweak the platform to match your branding and make navigation as easy as possible for learners. 

Within the courses themselves, you can choose from a wide range of activity types, question formats and assessments, and upload supporting resources in a variety of media formats. You can personalise each learner’s journey through a course using dynamic rules and conditional activities to present them with different challenges depending on their previous progress and existing knowledge. 

And at a management and administration level, you can create your own custom reports to drill down into specific areas of interest, design custom certificates to reward learner achievements and develop specialised marking or grading rubrics to ensure that attainment in LMS activities is assessed in line with your unique L&D objectives.


Moodle Software, Enhanced with Powerful and Trusted Certified Integrations

One of the key advantages of Moodle is the extent to which you can build on the default functionality to address the specific needs of your organisation. The Moodle Plugins Directory offers a huge selection of add-ons to the platform, designed and tested by a global community of developers, and most can be installed and configured within a few clicks. Examples include advanced reporting tools, new assessment types, or interactive content elements.

Moodle LMS also readily integrates with other third-party software, creating new efficiencies and reducing administrative overheads. Examples include integrating Moodle LMS with a corporate HR package to allow two-way sharing of learner data and automating the management of user accounts. Or integrating the LMS with an ecommerce solution, enabling training organisations to offer pay-per-seat or subscription-based access to their courses.

If a plugin or integration isn’t already available to achieve what you need, the open-source nature of the platform makes it easy to develop your own custom solutions, either in-house or working with an official partner such as Titus. 


Create a scalable &
flexible learning platform
with Moodle LMS

  • Learners

    Moodle LMS makes online learning an accessible and enjoyable experience for learners, helping to boost engagement, reduce drop-off rates and allow users to take control of their own learning paths.

    Flexible learning

    Learners can access the platform from anywhere, 24/7, via a web browser or mobile device — or use the official Moodle mobile app for additional features including offline learning.

    Easy to navigate

    The purpose-built theme that Titus includes with each Moodle LMS we implement makes it easy for learners to navigate their courses, grades, certificates and events. 

    Personalised learning paths

    Moodle allows L&D teams to design custom learning paths which dynamically guide each individual learner through activities and resources based on their achievements so far, for truly personalised learning.

  • Managers

    Moodle LMS is designed to save managers time and effort by streamlining the process of monitoring and reporting on learning and development activities within their department.

    Real-time reporting

    Moodle LMS offers detailed real-time reporting on learner progress, course completion and grades, giving managers an at-a-glance view of their team’s achievements within a few clicks.


    Granular tracking

    Managers can drill down into individual learner profiles to view completed activities, see any issues or problems experienced by individual learners, and message them directly. 

    Automated workflows

    Common tasks such as course enrolments, user account management, or permission settings can be fully automated in Moodle LMS, allowing managers to focus on L&D instead of admin.

  • Administrators

    Moodle LMS takes the hassle out of managing a learning platform, with a range of features designed to streamline common tasks and make administrators’ lives easier.

    Enterprise-grade security

    Each Moodle LMS implemented by Titus benefits from enterprise-grade security and encryption so you don’t have to worry about data leaks, GDPR breaches or unauthorised access to the platform. 


    Extendable functionality

    Moodle’s vast library of plugins and range of prebuilt software integrations allow you to add additional features and functionality quickly and easily. As it’s open source, you can also develop your own compatible add-ons.

    Stress-free updates

    As a fully managed solution, you don’t need to worry about applying security patches or version updates locally — it’s all managed by Titus. We’ll consult with you prior to any update and provide full testing ahead of deployment.

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Why Work With Titus?

Titus has been a Certified Premium Moodle Partner since 2020, having previously held Certified Moodle Partner status since 2017. We have consistently led the market on new Moodle developments— being one of the first Moodle Partners to provide Moodle Workplace, the Moodle Mobile app, and Moodle Educator Certification. 

In recognition of our work, we have received several awards from Moodle HQ, most recently the Moodle Premium Certified Partner of the Year (EMEA), and Moodle Certified Partners – Workplace Contributor of the Year — both in 2022. We’re trusted by over 300 organisations in more than 30 countries to support 1.5 million users, including global organisations such as Phoenix Pharmahandel, Global Banking, Expleo Group, Superdry, CNN, the British Psychological Society, Network Rail, and Dermalogica.


Flexible hosting

With a Titus Moodle LMS, you can choose from a range of hosting options to ensure that your learning platform meets your needs in terms of performance, reliability and availability. We offer cloud, remote and onsite hosting packages, all remotely configured and managed by our expert team and backed by stringent service-level agreements. 

Low cost of ownership

As an open-source solution, selecting Moodle LMS means you don’t have to pay expensive licensing fees or subscriptions to use the platform. And once the platform is configured and installed, you retain full ownership, with the option to migrate to an alternative supplier or hosting provider in future should the need arise. 


Custom design

Moodle themes allow you to customise both the aesthetic of the platform, to ensure brand consistency, as well as the layout of key areas such as the user dashboard, course pages and reports, ensuring that learners, managers and administrators can navigate to and access the resources or data they need within as few clicks as possible.


Bespoke training

As a certified Moodle Partner, Titus is well-positioned to deliver a range of user, manager or admin training sessions. We’ll design a training package around your requirements, combining remote, in-person or group training to ensure that users at all levels of the organisation are confident and comfortable working with Moodle ahead of the platform launch. 

Extended functionality

We extend the functionality of Moodle with a range of plugins and integrations designed to meet specific industry needs, including ecommerce solutions to allow you to monetise courses, links to HR systems to streamline user management and onboarding, and integrations with BI tools and reporting plugins to deliver data-driven insights and visualisations which help you to track and manage L&D activity. 

e-Learning content

No LMS is complete without a comprehensive selection of engaging and inspiring learning content. If you can’t find the resources or packages you need off the shelf and don’t have time to develop your own content in-house, you can commission Titus to curate or develop industry-specific multimedia content packages which address the specific learning objectives of your users.


Moodle LMS Theme by Titus

Each of our Moodle installations ships with a purpose-designed Titus theme, developed according to the latest UX best practices. As well as looking the part, the Titus theme is designed to perform, with minimal loading times and an easy-to-follow structure and layout, to ensure that both new and experienced users can navigate and understand the platform without extensive training. 

Our theme is responsive, with the layout adapting to most appropriately fit the screen size the user is working from. All device types and current-generation web browsers are supported. The theme can also be customised according to your organisation’s brand guidelines, to ensure that your learning platform is an extension of your existing brand identity.

The Titus Moodle LMS theme helps to facilitate user adoption and engagement, accelerates onboarding, and reduces technical support overheads by ensuring users are given the visual prompts they need to give them confidence in navigating the platform, locating resources, completing activities and viewing reports.


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The Labour Party

The Labour Party is a British political party, originally born out of the trade union movement and founded on principles of equality, social justice and compassion.

National Health Service

The Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS trust is responsible for running the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.


Superdry is a UK-based clothing company combining vintage American styling with Japanese-inspired graphics. Founded in Covent Garden, London in 2003.

Our team is
our strength

“The team at Titus is super supportive and knowledgeable. We had a dedicated team helping us set up and implement the system. They really helped us address some functionality issues through current plugins and advising us on further development.”


Moodle LMS is one of the most widely used learning management systems on the market, supporting educational institutions, businesses, non-profits, charities and training providers to deliver engaging, accessible online learning experiences to their learners. Moodle.org lists over 165,000 registered sites, supporting over 360 million users worldwide — although there is no requirement to register a Moodle LMS site, so this number may be significantly higher.

Moodle LMS offers extensive opportunities for customisation and allows extended functionality via the vast library of Moodle plugins and pre-built integrations. As it’s an open-source solution, it’s possible to create new integrations to address your unique needs. However, if you’re looking for a specifically business-focused platform, Moodle Workplace may provide a better out-of-the-box experience.

Moodle LMS was originally developed for use in schools and universities to provide a virtual learning environment for students, linking home and school/college-based learning. However, with the rise of dedicated learning and development departments in the workplace, businesses and other organisations soon saw the value in implementing Moodle to deliver work-based training.

Yes — Moodle LMS is an entirely open-source platform which is free for anyone to download and use, including customising it as they wish. There are some costs involved in setting up a Moodle LMS installation, for example, web hosting and administration. Users who wish to outsource these costs, as well as additional services such as training, technical support, or custom development and integrations usually do so by working with a Moodle Partner, such as Titus.

Moodle Workplace is a version of the Moodle LMS platform released in 2019 which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses. Built on the same codebase, Moodle Workplace adds a number of features such as organisational hierarchies, advanced reporting, compliance tracking, custom certifications and more — to allow organisations to streamline onboarding, workplace training, and employee learning and development. 

Yes, the upgrade process from a Moodle LMS site to a Moodle Workplace site is usually quite simple, as the two systems are built on the same underlying code base. If your Moodle site is an older version, or you have a large amount of customisation applied, there may be added challenges however. Get in touch with us to find out the best option for your organisation.

Yes, Moodle LMS is an extremely scalable and extendable solution which makes it an ideal choice for large companies looking to implement their own customised learning and development solution. It has been deployed by household names such as Walmart, Microsoft, Shell, Coca-Cola, Mazda, the UK NHS, several US government departments, and the list goes on.

"Our new platform will equip the Society with the platform to provide CPD, qualifications and end-point assessments for apprentices in a flexible and interactive way, reaching to our members and the wider workforce not only in the United Kingdom but also internationally."

– Peta-Marche Fee, British Psychological Society

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