Totara Engage LXP

Totara Engage is the learning experience platform (LXP) to engage, unite and upskill your workforce, leading to higher organizational performance.

What is Totara Engage?

Totara Engage is a fully customisable LXP that complements the traditional LMS by providing an environment to facilitate and track informal learning and peer-to-peer collaboration. 

The platform helps to formalise knowledge creation and distribution, providing a central hub for employees to connect with each other, create their own content and share it with colleagues.

Totara Engage is a Learning Experience Platform which promotes team engagement and encourages your team to make learning part of their day to day. As well as allowing easy knowledge sharing across your whole organisation, it draws inspiration from the the platforms your team are already using outside of work, encouraging a social media style experience. 

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Why do companies choose Totara Engage?

Better learner communication.

It facilitates two-way communication across the organisation, with social media inspired interactive tools and seamless integration with popular messaging platforms bringing teams together. 

Resources such as surveys, forums and chat rooms can be deployed to ensure leaders have access to up-to-the-minute feedback on employees’ suggestions or concerns.

Rapid skills acquisition in the workplace.

Just-in-time learning opportunities mean less disruption to workflow, so even recent starters can hit the ground running and learn key skills as they go—without feeling like they’re in over their head. 

This helps embed employees in their roles, rather than spending most of the onboarding period on off site training courses or reading through pages of process and policy documents.


Greater engagement from every level.

The clue is in the name—Totara Engage is all about ensuring that your employees feel supported, recognised and involved as they go about their day-to-day informal learning. 

Record and celebrate the kind of interactions which often go unnoticed—assisting colleagues, improving processes, or creating new resources—and democratise organisational knowledge capture.


Higher productivity and quality outcomes.

With increased engagement comes higher productivity, as employees feel more empowered and confident—knowing they can draw on the experience of their leaders and peers when they need it. 

The result is a workplace environment which encourages innovation and creative thinking, with teams overcoming day-to-day challenges in new and collaborative ways.

Totara Talent Experience Platform

Three powerful learning systems, combined to help you build a better workforce.

The Totara TXP (Talent Experience Platform) comprises three exceptional learning solutions to create an integrated learning experience for your workforce, optimise budgets and streamline processes across departments.


Totara Learn is the transformational, extendable and adaptable learning management system trusted by millions of learners worldwide.

Totara Engage is the learning experience platform (LXP) to engage, unite and upskill your workforce, leading to higher organizational performance.

With Totara Perform, you harness the power of continuous performance
management to boost in-office or remote workplace productivity anytime, anywhere.

Problems that Totara Engage solves

How Totara improves productivity
and fosters engagement

Content playlists

Course creators and learners alike can link, create or curate multimedia content including video, audio, articles and web links into shareable playlists to summarise related resources for a particular course or topic.

Collaborative working

Totara Engage provides a wide range of opportunities for collaborative working, from private or public workspaces, to live chats, learner forums, group project assignments, user-generated wikis and curated resource libraries. 

MS Teams integration

Users can communicate with peers and access resources hosted in Totara Engage without leaving their Microsoft Teams app, with push notifications keeping them up-to-date with relevant new additions to the platform. 


Engagement reports

Recognise the next generation of thought leaders, spot which employees are experts in their particular niche, and find rising talent—as well as targeting support to those team members who may be struggling—with clear reporting on key engagement metrics. 

Feedback surveys

Gather valuable feedback data from your teams—both qualitative and quantitative—with easy to deploy surveys. Poll employees on a range of topics and generate reports in a few clicks—giving you the information you need for continuous improvement.  

Social interactions

Totara Engage uses social network style features such as ratings, comment threads and recommendations to keep employees connected when real time communication is not an option—and help leaders track learner sentiment. 

Questions about Totara Engage

Functionality designed to improve efficiency and skyrocket engagement

The total cost of ownership for Totara Engage is based on a subscription—which varies with the number of users you have—plus fixed or ongoing costs for any additional services you may request through Titus, e.g. consultancy, technical support, user training, etc. To get a more exact price for your specific use case, speak to one of our team about your requirements.

It can be. Totara Engage is deployable as a dedicated Learning Experience Platform by itself, or integrated with Totara Learn and Perform to create a comprehensive L&D solution supporting every stage of the learner journey.

An LMS is designed to manage formal learning, whereas a Learning Experience Platform like Totara Engage is specifically designed to manage informal learning—the kind that happens on the job, between colleagues, and is often not formally recognised. It aims to record and track those valuable instances of knowledge transfer and content creation which might otherwise go under the radar.

Usually, yes—that’s the preferred option with most of the organisations we work with. It removes a lot of admin overheads, and it’s the easiest way to set up enterprise-grade hosting (with the performance, security and reliability standards that come with it) without having to invest heavily in infrastructure. But we’re also able to install Totara Engage on your own in-house or third-party data centre envieonemnt if you so choose.

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As a Totara Alliance partner, we offer a suite of services to help you get started or want to improve your existing system.

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