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What is Titus Connect?

Titus Connect allows you to integrate your LMS with different systems, simplifying admin heavy tasks and creating a seamless experience for both your learners and L&D teams. 


Unlock Improved Communication and Efficiency

Connecting the systems you use across your organisation leads to improved communication between functions, reducing the heavy lifting and the risk of human error. 

What’s more, it frees up your team’s time, so they can focus on the more impactful tasks, like learning strategies and improving engagement.


Automate admin-heavy tasks

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in Titus Connect is the cost and time savings presented by automating the transfer of data. Performing data transfers manually takes valuable time away from your most impactful work, and in some cases requires an entire team to manage. 

With Titus Connect, these types of tasks are a thing of the past, and the need for multiple stages of data entry is entirely removed.

Increase visibility of
your data

Having clean and concise data is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s an essential part of modern business, and allows leadership teams to accurately report on important KPIs like ROI and employee engagement. By integrating your systems, you’ll gain a clearer picture of your data, which will allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Create a single source of truth

Silos within departments can hinder your organisation’s progress. Titus Connect helps create a single source of truth, providing visibility into all activities. Integrating the systems your teams use is the first step to gaining a birds eye view of your organisation, and will allow for seamless communication. With enhanced reporting and analytics, every level of your organisation will be empowered to make better decisions. 

What systems does Titus Connect work with?

Titus Connect seamlessly integrates with any system that has an API. Most modern systems fulfil this requirement, making Titus Connect compatible with the majority of platforms. We’ll collaborate with you to identify the most valuable integration opportunities for your organisation.

Types of systems that Titus Connect allows you to integrate with


Customer Relationship Management systems like Salesforce and Hubspot are one of the most popular types of integration – especially for organisations with ecommerce requirements or where they offer learning content to external users. 

Titus Connect allows you to automate profile creation, course enrolment and shares course completion data back to your CRM for an accurate view of how your customers interact with your content. .


Integrating your LMS with your Human Resources Management System is a great way to understand how your team interacts with your learning platform. 

As well as providing a clear view of your data for reporting and analytics, it can help streamline employee onboarding, improve L&D outcomes, enforce mandatory compliance learning and greatly improve your teams overall experience.

Accounting System

Providing better financial accuracy for your accounting and operations teams, integrating accounting software with your LMS provides a seamless purchasing and payment process – which leads to less cart abandonments and more revenue. 

It can provide valuable insights for budgeting and financial planning for leadership teams. Another benefit is the reduction of administrative time required – meaning your teams can spend their time on more impactful work.

Talent Management

Integrating your Talent Management System and your LMS allows you to take L&D and team development to the next level. Not only will it make performance reviews more impactful for managers, it allows you to create personalised learning pathways, which leads to better learner engagement and outcomes. 

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Integration is the process of connecting different systems or technologies to enable communication, functionality and data sharing.

Every organisations use different technologies to support different workflows. Without integration, you risk poor communication across your organisation. Additionally, systems which claim to support all business functions often fall short versus dedicated systems. By integrating, you can utilise specialist technology, whilst retaining the seamless communication needed to provide the best user experience across all areas of your business.

Titus Connect is an API-based integration. API’s allow different systems to speak to each other. Our developers create adapters between our LMS and your chosen system. This means we can integrate with any system that has an API.

When we create the adapter, we’ll work with you to understand which data you want to transfer – this could be profile fields from your CRM such as name, email address or anything else that the system’s API allows us to retrieve. 

Yes, we only provide Titus Connect to customers who utilise our Moodle LMS, Workplace or Totara systems. If you’re interested in migrating your existing platform to us to enhance its capability with Titus Connect, get in touch with us.

Titus Connect can integrate with as many systems as you require. When you work with Titus, we’ll workshop your requirements to make sure that we don’t accidentally create conflicts or overlaps.

Absolutely, we work with organisations from a wide range of industries, across various use cases. This means we can advise on different integration opportunities and help you get the most from your learning platform.

There are countless Extensions available within Moodle LMS, Workplace and Totara, these are otherwise known as “plugins” and include extra functionality that allows you to connect with the likes of Slack, Google Suite, Zoom, Youtube, content repositories and many others. Although these are technically integrations, they work in a different way and allow for functionality extensions “out of the box”. With Titus Connect, we work with you to understand your unique requirements and develop a solution which allows you to share data back and forth via an API.

The API is a generic tool that provides an output of data that can then be implemented into virtually any system. This of course relies on the client having the internal IT resource and system knowledge to integrate with the desired system.

The API provides a new way to access and use data that is available within the LMS site. It will allow you to insert data into and fetch data out of the LMS site. This would previously be done manually by visiting the LMS site. Through standard API methods which can then be integrated by your team into other systems. The API provides one part of the data connection and the client provides the other part of the connection by accessing the data and connecting and configuring it with corresponding internal systems or APIs.


The API provides flexibility as to the data you wish to access or make changes to. You may use all or only some of the endpoints, the choice is yours. Please refer to the Swaggerhub which details the endpoints available.

The API does not provide any single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Login methods within the site are unchanged.

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