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Purpose-built learning management systems for training providers — supporting you to deliver profitable, scalable and engaging courses.

Why do training providers need an LMS?

The focus of most training providers has shifted in the past few years (accelerated in part by the pandemic) to online training. While in-person sessions may still make up part of a provider’s offer, the majority of programmes have at least some online element — from web-based resources or assessments to end-to-end training carried out entirely remotely.

To deliver online learning cost-effectively, reliably and at scale, training providers need an LMS that is purpose-built to support this business model. 

A flexible LMS for Training Companies which helps them grow

Titus addresses the specific needs of training providers, designing, implementing and supporting flexible and customisable learning platforms which meet key business objectives.



Each of our LMS solutions is fully scalable, based on elastic hosting to allow for almost unlimited growth. The largest installations we support have user bases in the 6 figures.


Our purpose-built Moodle theme is designed to boost learner engagement by making it easy for users to navigate the platform, access courses and complete assessments without unnecessary clicks.


Each of our LMS solutions is fully scalable, based on elastic hosting to allow for almost unlimited growth. The largest installations we support have user bases in the 6 figures.


Each of our LMS solutions is fully scalable, based on elastic hosting to allow for almost unlimited growth. The largest installations we support have user bases in the 6 figures.

Training Providers
that we work with


Titus is ISO and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, as well as being an approved supplier to the UK Government.

Add additional revenue streams

Many of the training providers we’ve worked with have taken advantage of the ability to easily integrate ecommerce functionality into their learning platform in order to open up new potential revenue streams. For example, expanding their potential customer base into new markets, repackaging existing content into saleable packages, or introducing subscription options alongside a pay-per-course model. 

Whether you choose to go with Totara or one of our Moodle solutions, we have extensive experience in integrating the payment solutions and financial reporting tools you’ll need to support a successful ecommerce operation.

Improve your learners' experience

Another key goal of many of the training companies we work with is to improve the learner experience by making access to training materials, courses and assessments more convenient. Digitising your resources allows you to make them available to learners across a range of devices, as well as allowing you to build content libraries or packages which you can monetise. 

Both Moodle and Totara allow you to host content in a variety of media, as well as incorporate SCORM or H5P content into courses. Resources can be imported or exported within a few clicks, and tagged to make it easy for learners to find the content they need using a global search feature. 


Report on progress and measure success

Both Totara and the two Moodle solutions we offer feature powerful built-in reporting tools, allowing you to choose from a range of pre-built reports or design your own custom reports to run on demand or to a preset schedule. Reports can be automatically sent to key stakeholders via email or the internal messaging system of your LMS so that everyone has a clear picture of how learners are engaging with your courses.

For more advanced reporting, we can integrate tools such as Google Analytics to provide a detailed overview of user behaviour across the LMS; or Intelliboard, which adds to the standard functionality available in Moodle or Totara, providing rich visual reporting via dashboards or graphs to help analyse large datasets, spot emerging patterns and predict trends.  


How Titus equips training providers with a leading LMS

Depending on the specific platform selected — Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace or Totara — some of the features and functionality of your solution will differ. What doesn’t change is the quality, reliability and performance of your new LMS and the value for money you can expect.

High performance

The majority of our LMS solutions for training providers are cloud hosted (with some exceptions where the customer requires their LMS to be hosted on-site). Titus uses Amazon Web Services to build resilient, highly available and high-performance hosting environments which can scale automatically to meet demand — so your learners are never stuck watching a loading page when trying to access a course.

Exceptional security

Security is a key consideration for training providers, to protect their users’ personal data and prevent unauthorised access to their proprietary training materials and courses. Each solution delivered by Titus includes enterprise-grade security provisions, including encryption of data in transit and at rest, intrusion detection, two-factor authentication where required and regular patches and updates to the underlying application.

Custom training

We offer bespoke training packages designed around your specific needs and availability, using a combination of remote learning (which can be delivered through your LMS), in-person sessions and group training if required. We can also provide you with a detailed knowledge base, customised to your business, to allow end-users to access self-service support as they learn to navigate the new platform.

Automated workflows

Our LMS solutions are built with ease of administration in mind. We can integrate your Moodle or Totara platform with your HR software or other business information systems to automate many common processes such as user registration and enrolments, setting and managing access permissions and issuing certifications — so you can focus on running your business rather than administering your learning platform.

Remote management

All of our LMS solutions are remotely managed, which means that we monitor performance and availability 24/7, taking proactive measures to address any issues before they can impact your business or your users. In addition, we plan and manage all security patches and minor/major software version upgrades on your behalf.

Cost-effective solutions

With every project we undertake, we aim to provide the most cost-effective solution for our client, ensuring the maximum return on investment possible. Our consultants will work with you to establish the best choice of platform for your specific needs and scope out any customisation work required to ensure that it supports your business model. During the contract, we’ll hold regular strategic reviews to discuss how you’re using the LMS and pinpoint potential changes or updates which could add value or lower your costs.

Why work with Titus?

As certified Moodle and Totara partners, we have extensive experience in implementing these platforms and customising them to meet the specific needs of our customers. We’ve worked with over 300 organisations including a number of training providers, and our client list includes household names such as Phoenix Pharmahandel, Global Banking, Expleo Group, Superdry, CNN, the British Psychological Society, Network Rail, and Dermalogica.

We’re pioneers in the e-learning field, being one of the first companies to offer emerging products and services such as Moodle Workplace, the Moodle Mobile app, Moodle Educator Certification, and, most recently, Totara TXP — and have received several awards recognising our contribution to the sector including the 2022 awards for Moodle Premium Certified Partner of the Year (EMEA), and Moodle Certified Partners – Workplace Contributor of the Year.


Our team is
our strength

“The team at Titus is super supportive and knowledgeable. We had a dedicated team helping us set up and implement the system. They really helped us address some functionality issues through current plugins and advising us on further development.”

Moodle LMS

If you’re looking for a highly customisable and open-source learning platform to deliver your courses, Moodle LMS offer the ideal solution. 

Already used by a wide range of organisations including those in the training sector, it’s an ideal starting point for providers who need a turnkey solution to offer straightforward access to training programmes with the option to add additional features such as course payments via plugins and integrations.  



Moodle Workplace

Training providers with a corporate focus may find Moodle Workplace offers the best solution to their requirements. 

Designed specifically for businesses, it builds on the core functionality of Moodle LMS, adding features such as compliance tracking, certifications and organisational hierarchies to deliver a more focused learner experience which maps to company workflows and reporting structures.


Totara Learn

For providers looking for a more integrated training and development platform. 

We offer the modular Totara Talent Experience Platform, which combines an LMS (Totara Learn), LXP (Totara Engage) and performance management system (Totara Perform) to engage learners at each stage of their journey — from onboarding through to advanced professional development.



The best LMS for training management is the one that best suits the needs of your users, and the specific requirements of your business model. That’s why we offer training providers a choice of 3 leading solutions — Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace and Totara TXP to ensure the right fit.

An LMS for training providers is a learning management system that has been specifically configured to meet the needs of organisations that create, manage and provide training programmes as part of their business model. This may include dedicated training companies or L&D teams in larger organisations.

Learning management systems are used by training providers in a number of ways. The primary use case is training delivery — creating online courses with activities and resources which allow learners to access a training programme from anywhere with an internet connection. Secondly, e-commerce functionality is integrated into LMS platforms to allow training providers to monetise their content, and manage learner subscriptions. And finally, reporting and analysis tools built into the LMS give training providers key insights into how their courses are interacted with, allowing them to make continual improvements.

It can be difficult to source accurate figures for the number of users registered with proprietary LMS systems, although Blackboard is often mentioned as a front-runner — at least in the US. In terms of the platforms offered by Titus, Totara has a total of 16 million end users around the globe, and Moodle supports over 360 million learners — making it the clear leader within the open-source LMS category.

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"Our new platform will equip the Society with the platform to provide CPD, qualifications and end-point assessments for apprentices in a flexible and interactive way, reaching to our members and the wider workforce not only in the United Kingdom but also internationally."

– Peta-Marche Fee, British Psychological Society

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