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Totara Perform

Choose Totara Perform and harness the power of continuous performance management to boost in-office or remote workplace productivity anytime, anywhere.

What is Totara Perform?

Take control of performance management within your organisation—with a flexible and adaptable solution which gives you the tools and insights you need to improve employee productivity and strategic engagement. 

Totara Perform is designed to mesh seamlessly with your existing workflows, processes and schedules—minimising disruption while maximising outcomes.

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Totara Talent Experience Platform

Three powerful learning systems, combined to help you build a better workforce.

The Totara TXP (Talent Experience Platform) comprises three exceptional learning solutions to create an integrated learning experience for your workforce, optimise budgets and streamline processes across departments.


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Totara Learn is the transformational, extendable and adaptable learning management system trusted by millions of learners worldwide.

Totara Engage is the learning experience platform (LXP) to engage, unite and upskill your workforce, leading to higher organizational performance.

With Totara Perform, you harness the power of continuous performance
management to boost in-office or remote workplace productivity anytime, anywhere.

Why do companies choose
Totara Perform?

Better strategic alignment.

Totara Perform provides you with an adaptable toolkit to ensure that all your teams are aligned with the organisation’s strategy, mission and culture. 

From regular performance check-ins to formal annual appraisals, keep track of what each of your employees is contributing to your overall goals—without the need for rigid and inflexible workflows. 

Improved productivity

With Totara Perform, you can focus on the metrics that matter without distraction—tracking where your employees are most productive rather than just ticking boxes on a form. 

Accurate and timely feedback, combined with clear goal setting and regular reviews, gives your workforce greater freedom to realise their potential—increasing value add. 

Tailored processes

Overly structured performance management processes can lead to frustration and unnecessary stress for both managers and employees. 

With Totara Perform, you can customise your policies and practices to suit the way you work, so your performance management function supports—rather than interrupts—progress at all levels of the organisation.

Flexible working

Today’s organisations need a performance management solution which matches the flexibility of their working practices.

Whether you’ve adopted remote-only or blended working practices, Totara Perform gives you the communication, monitoring and reporting tools you need to support and manage diverse and distributed teams consistently.


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Problems that Totara Perform solves

How Totara improves productivity
and fosters engagement

Performance check-ins

Schedule regular performance check-ins to ensure that both front-line employees and management understand how their day-to-day activities and weekly or monthly goals feed into your overall business strategy.

360-degree feedback

Combine employee self-evaluations with peer reviews and input from line managers to provide your teams with accurate feedback on their strengths and weaknesses—while recognising their contributions.

Skills gap analysis

Identify where key skills or experience are missing from your teams—allowing you to reassign staff to improve the skills mix, tailor training opportunities to fill the gap or inform recruitment teams of the current priorities. 


Open-source frameworks

As Totara Perform is an open-source solution, you have the freedom to tweak and customise the platform, either in-house or via a Totara Partner like Titus—adding new features, plugins or integrations to match your specific workflows.  

Review builder

Off-the-peg review templates often miss key information. Totara Perform includes an intuitive and powerful workflow builder which allows you to create custom performance review processes which fit the unique needs of your teams. 

Insights and analysis

Access detailed real-time reports which highlight emerging trends or areas of concern—allowing you to accurately identify top contributors or divert additional resources to assist employees who are underperforming in their role. 

Questions about Totara Perform

Functionality designed to improve efficiency and skyrocket engagement

Titus offers Totara Perform via a subscription service, either alone or as part of a larger e-learning package. As an open-source solution it compares favourably with other performance management tools on the market. Precise costs vary based on your specific needs, taking into account user numbers, as well as the exact hosting, training and support requirements you have. To get an accurate quote for your organisation, speak to one of our team.

Yes. You can use Totara Perform on its own as a dedicated performance management solution, or in conjunction with the other products in the Totara Talent Experience Platform, as well as integrating it with your existing HR systems.

It’s up to you. The vast majority of our clients choice cloud hosting for their Totara Perform solution as it brings with it a number of benefits in terms of security, reliability, availability and scaling. But if your organisation prefers to host the platform on-premise, or in a dedicated data centre, we can deploy it there, and continue to provide remote monitoring and management services.

Practically speaking, no—the application is scalable up to tens or hundreds of thousands of users. The only limiting factor is the hosting environment infrastructure—large-scale deployments require more sophisticated infrastructure to maintain high levels of performance and availability. Our solutions architects have substantial experience setting up cloud applications at this scale, so we’d be happy to discuss your exact requirements in detail and scope out a solution.


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Powered by Totara.
Brought to life by Titus.

As a Totara Alliance partner, we offer a suite of services to help you get started or want to improve your existing system.

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