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“Working with Titus has been beyond superb. I have been able to ask every question that’s popped in to my head and get a good quality honest answer which I really appreciate.”

– Avolites

IMECH Moodle Platform

Moodle Hosting by Titus

We offer a range of options when it comes to hosting your Moodle, including on-premise and cloud-based configurations. We’ll design an infrastructure package to meet the specific demands on your learning platform to ensure the highest levels of reliability and availability.

Our managed service includes performance monitoring, upgrades and patches, backups and disaster recovery, data security and real-time reporting. We handle the technology, leaving you free to concentrate on your learning and development strategy.

A hosting package that fits your unique needs

From single on-premise installations to complex multi-tenant platforms we design and configure each hosting environment to meet the specific needs of your organisation and your users. From security, to performance, to availability, to integration with other systems we’ll ensure your Moodle fits seamlessly into your existing business processes.

Backup and recovery

We provide regular automated backups, with data duplicated on secure offsite servers. If needed, your Moodle platform and data can be restored with minimal disruption.

Scalable hosting

Your Moodle will be hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing unrivalled reliability, and elastic capacity which scales up to meet peak demand, and down to reduce spend off-peak.

Threat protection

Our hosting environments benefit from enterprise class threat detection, prevention of intrusion or denial of service attacks and malware protection.

Data encryption

All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, providing protection against interception by third parties and ensuring the privacy of sensitive information.

Guaranteed availability

Our service level agreement guarantees uptime of 99.95% annually as a minimum, and planned downtime for upgrades or patches is scheduled for minimal disruption.

Proactive support

Our support team proactively monitors your infrastructure and provides regular detailed reports on performance and usage, as well as continually optimising your platform.


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Control your infrastructure spending

We offer elastic hosting solutions which scale to meet demand. Our system increases availability by bringing additional resources online during periods of peak usage, and lowering spend by automatically minimising unnecessary capacity when usage is low. This removes the cost of maintaining redundant infrastructure.

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Our team is our strength

“Excellent experience working with Titus. We visited the office and had a couple of days with the team, bouncing ideas off each other with regard to creating the platform we wanted”

– City of London Police

"With Titus’ help, we were able to modernise our learning environment while streamlining the learner experience."

- The National Physical Laboratory

"We see the project taking our business to the next level in the way we deliver training and interact with students."

- High Performance Learning

"The new system has opened the door for us to write and create new courses to offer to our learners."

- British Weight Lifting


Like any web-based platform, Moodle must be installed on a server. This can be either a web server located on your premises, a dedicated server in a data centre, or a cloud server. Titus offers a range of hosting options including both on-premise and cloud solutions, and can work with you to identify exactly which configuration will best fit your requirements and budget.

Both cloud and on-premise hosting have their advantages. Hosting your Moodle on site can offer cost savings, especially if you already have server capacity available, and can also improve performance locally, which is advantageous if your internet connection is unreliable or limited. However, performance when accessing the Moodle offsite may be negatively affected.

Cloud hosting allows you to take advantage of elastic capacity, scaling up the available hardware when usage is high, and scaling it down when not required, which helps to control costs. There’s no need for any hardware maintenance or servicing on your part, everything is handled by the hosting provider.

The cost of Moodle hosting varies considerably depending on the number of concurrent users you wish to support, the type and amount of content you wish to host, and the level of security required, among other factors. For an accurate estimate of hosting costs for your Moodle platform, get in touch with our team.

“The team at Titus is super supportive and knowledgeable. We had a dedicated team helping us set up and implement the system."

– Wasabi

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