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Meet the team | A cut above the rest

Meet the Team

We’re truly proud of the team we have at Titus Learning. On average, each team member has been using Moodle for more than ten years, across a range of organisations, regions, and skillsets.

Whilst this expertise is undoubtedly part of the reason we have a 97% customer retention rate, it’s the absolute energy, commitment and attention to detail each and every person brings to the team that makes us a cut above the rest.

Seb Francis - Co-founder and Director

Having started working with Moodle aged 19, Seb has since been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of e-learning clients around the globe.

Alongside running Titus Learning, Seb is Chair of the BESA EdTech group and a member of their Executive Council. In his spare time he hosts a podcast for entrepreneurs, Startup Secrets, and is an ambassador for Virgin StartUp.

When he needs a break from the computer screen you can find him playing squash, football, in the gym, cooking, biking, travelling, snowboarding, or anything that keeps him entertained and active!

Mike Bennett - Co-founder and Director

Mike began his career in the legal sector before moving into e-learning in 2007. Drawing on his years of experience, he co-founded Titus in 2013. Mike’s main responsibility is managing our bespoke development projects where he deals with current and prospective customers in the UK and internationally.

Away from the office Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, Sara, and daughters Evie and Erin – especially travelling to Europe to ski or soak up some French sun!

He’s originally from Durham, so we still spend plenty of time trying to decipher what he’s saying, particularly when it comes to his ramblings about it “being Tottenham’s year”!

Luke Tillotson - Head of Sales

Luke began working in e-learning in 2009, supporting Moodle implementations across UK corporate, not-for-profit and educational institutions.

In 2014, he took over the management of an education support unit, providing an onsite ICT tech support role to local clients. Having successfully doubled the size of the team and number of clients being supported, Luke then joined Titus Learning to head up our sales team.

Out of office hours, he can either be found at the gym, watching Bradford City, socialising with his wife and friends, or walking his whippet, Ralph!

Majid Hussain - Head of Support and Delivery

Majid has vast experience with all aspects of Moodle beginning with version 1.5 back in 2006, and is the go-to guy in the office for problem solving.

He currently manages delivery and customer support, allowing him to work closely with new and existing customers on a wide range of projects.

Outside of work, he’s a big Newcastle United fan which involves many ups and downs (mainly downs). He also plays plenty of football and runs a 6-a-side team in a local league.

Family is a big part of Majid’s life and he loves to spend time with his wife and two young daughters.

Steve Anatai - Lead Developer

Steve has a strong background in both education and technology, having taught ICT and music at secondary level, as well as working for Kaplan International.

He’s passionate about creative software development, web technology and e-learning, and as Lead Developer ensures Titus Learning sits comfortably at the intersection of these three areas.

Away from the keyboard, Steve’s a keen photographer, enjoys travel, particularly hiking and has a personal interest in language learning and teaching.

Marcus Green - Senior Developer

After working in IT in both the UK and Australia, Marcus taught in an FE college for 12 years and discovered Moodle in early 2003.

Prior to joining Titus, Marcus worked as an administrator and developer at a university, as well as working directly for Moodle HQ.

He’s the brains behind one of the most popular Moodle question types (Gapfill), has spoken at several Moodle Moots, and has published many related articles as well as several textbooks.

In his spare time he plays guitar and occasionally performs charity gigs as a solo singer songwriter.

Matt Coffey - Marketing

Matt is a marketing professional of ten years experience with a background in the educational technology sector, and has been a Moodle user since the early 2000’s.

Now running a consultancy service in London, he’s worked with us on a number of projects including our own website and social media presence as well as providing marketing services for our growing client base.

Outside the office, he’s a keen guitarist, writer, linguist, tea drinker and dog walker!

Callum Barrett - Marketing and Communications

Callum first joined the team as an apprentice whilst studying Customer Service. Now a full-time member of the team, he initially started in a sales support role but transitioned over to a marketing role earlier this year. His passion for creativity and out of the box ideas drove him to this position and he has already become a big contributor to our overall marketing strategy and vision.

As an avid travel fan, the international aspect of Titus Learning was one of the things that attracted him to the role. He’s recently started to learn piano, and coupled with his (questionable) singing ability, fancies himself as the next John Legend!

Edd Clementson - Implementation Consultant

Edd has worked in the e-learning industry since 2009, in a variety of client facing roles. His interest in implementing e-learning solutions into teaching and learning environments has led him to work with a range of clients across the business and educational sectors.

Edd works closely with each of our customers in achieving high levels of usage and engagement with their learning platforms, and looking at creative ways to better embed e-learning into the wider organisation.

When he’s not at his desk, you’ll most likely find him climbing ropes, jumping boxes or carrying sandbags, in preparation for his next Crossfit competition.

Connor Young - Support and Delivery Technician

As the baby of the bunch, Connor has established himself as our resident Moodle theme designer and developer.

His excellent work on the Titus Moodle theme was a contributing factor to us gaining our certified Moodle Partner status. Working alongside Majid, he also assists with the support of our current Moodle installations.

In his spare time Connor spends a lot of time playing sports (whether that’s on the field or the games console), and is the resident office martial artist with a black belt in Karate.

Guy Thomas - Moodle Developer

Guy is a highly experienced Moodle developer and educator who has worked in educational technology in a variety of roles over the last 14 years. You’ll most likely recognise his name from his many contributions to the Moodle Plugins directory.

At Titus Learning, Guy’s main focus is on user experience (UX) and how we can make e-learning more intuitive and pleasurable to use, to lower the barriers to adoption and usage of workplace learning technology.

Out of the office, Guy loves spending time with his family, cycling and visiting National Trust attractions. He’s also an adept musician, performing in a band and as a solo artist.

Joe Murray - Digital Designer

Joe is a digital designer with over 6 years experience in the creative industries, on both the agency and client sides, and runs his own creative agency.

As part of the Titus team Joe has responsibility for both internal and external design projects. He brings a detailed knowledge of user experience design combined with a flair for striking visual work which translates into outstanding custom Moodle themes for our clients. He’s also the brains behind the Titus Learning brand, ensuring that all our digital media output reflects our values in style and quality.

When he’s not tied to his Mac, Joe can usually be found up a mountain – either biking or snowboarding – or putting in the hours at his local gym.

Farhan Karmali - Developer

Farhan is an avid Moodler with over 8 years of experience in Moodle development and administration. He is very active on the Moodle forums and contributes regularly to the Moodle tracker towards Moodle core code. He’s also associated with the event committee for Moodle Moot India and regularly presents at Moodle conferences.

Farhan has worked on numerous Moodle and e-learning projects spread across various domains and he is particularly interested in AI, learning analytics, chatbots and Alexa / Google assistant development

Away from work, Farhan is a big time foodie and loves tasting new dishes, he enjoys spending time with his three lovely daughters and exploring the streets and corners of Mumbai, India.

Joanna Beaver - Support and Delivery Technician

Jo has worked with Moodle since 2013 across a range of sectors, including private training providers, and FE and HE institutions.

She has a particular interest in the development of high quality online learning solutions, from the courses and resources contained within the platform to the development of complete online learning solutions and the courses, resources and processes required for them to run effectively.

Jo is a keen nature lover and spends many of her weekends in the Cambridgeshire Fens – come rain or shine – enjoying the local bird life. Also a keen gym-goer, Jo likes to work out in the mornings for a fresh start to the day!

Chris Morgan - Developer

Chris joined the Titus Learning team as a developer back in 2017 and plays a key part in delivering a wide variety of bespoke development projects for our workplace learning and training clients.

He takes a particular interest in facilitating the decentralisation and personalisation of learning experiences to individual learners, whether that be in learning strategies or subject areas.

When he’s not coding, he enjoys playing music, primarily piano and guitar, as well as singing. He’s also a keen hiker, camper and nature enthusiast, with around 25 “Munros” under his belt (Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet!).

Stuart Lamour - Lead UX Developer

Stuart is perhaps most famous for being one of the lead developers of the Moodle Bootstrap theme, on which all Moodle themes and plugins are now based. He has a strong background in both education and technology having joined the e-learning team at Sussex University in 2008.

Stuart has had a fantastic career so far, working with amazing institutions such as Blackboard, GOV.UK, The BBC, ARUP, MoMa, The British Museum in the aspect of education inside a VLE and in external apps or products. Stuart loves seeing the results of projects where he has been part of making the tools that create fantastic learning experiences and he’s really excited at the opportunity to help clients and partners at Titus achieve their aims.

Most of Stuart’s non-work time is dedicated to being a dad – football club, Pokemon Go, making games in scratch and building Mario, Sonic and Yoshi games in the real world using Lego. He’ll admit that he’s not the best at skateboarding, but with practice he’s getting better.

Careers at Titus

We’re always keen to make contact with other talented Moodlers. If you think you might be a good fit for the Titus team, please view our open vacancies on our Careers page, or contact us via email, LinkedIn, or pop in to Salts Mill if you’re in the area!

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