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Intelliboard Moodle Analytics

In-Depth Learner Data, Visualisations & Reporting

The IntelliBoard Moodle Analytics tool provides businesses and schools with in-depth learner data, visualisations and reporting functions for their LMS. The software allows you to extract the statistical information from your Moodle and present it on a single, elegant dashboard.

The user-friendly, on-demand interface extends the reporting capabilities of Moodle, with easy-to-read charts, graphs, tables and more.

Organisations can use IntelliBoard’s learner analytics platform to make informed and prompt educational and business decisions with real-time data, improving workflow for their users.

Intelligent dashboard

The Intelliboard dashboard allows you to quickly and easily access the data you need, with an at-a-glance graphical overview and powerful reporting tools:


  • Compatible with Moodle and Totara
  • Dashboard for learners and instructors
  • Automated notifications
  • Multiple roles support
  • Real-time customisable reports
  • FERPA compliant


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Measure learner engagement

Ensuring that learners are engaged with your platform is key to its success. Intelliboard provides multiple reports, analytics and notifications to track and measure how learners are using your LMS:


  • Learner Engagement
  • Course Content Access
  • Course Access
  • Progress Summary
Identify issues early

Intelliboard gives you the data you need to identify learners who may be struggling or failing to engage with particular courses, allowing you to take proactive steps before the problem worsens:


  • Learner Success & Progress
  • Learner Status Summary
  • Overdue Learners
  • Past Due Assignments
  • Learner Compared to Course Average
  • Activity Status Detail
Create visual assessments

For any learning organisation, creating detailed assessments of your learner’s performance is an incredibly important function. Different organisations will measure a range of different criteria for their learners such as objectives, certification, improvements etc. IntelliBoard can accurately monitor and report on all of these measurements, including:


  • Learner Quiz Activity
  • Quiz Grades
  • Quiz Overview
  • Quiz Grade Distribution

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