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“Excellent experience working with Titus. We visited the office and had a couple of days with the team, bouncing ideas off each other with regard to creating the platform we wanted”

– City of London Police

In-Depth Learner Data, Visualisations & Reporting

The IntelliBoard Moodle Analytics tool provides Moodle users with in-depth learner data, visualisations and reporting functions for their LMS. The software allows you to extract the statistical information from your Moodle and present it on a single, elegant dashboard.

The user-friendly, on-demand interface extends the reporting capabilities of Moodle, with easy-to-read charts, graphs, tables and more.

Organisations can use IntelliBoard’s learner analytics platform to make informed and prompt educational and business decisions with real-time data, improving workflow for their users.

IntelliBoard Moodle Analytics

View real time data on learners

For any learning organisation, having a broad overview of learners’ performance is a vital function.

The IntelliBoard dashboard allows you to quickly and easily access the data you need, with an at-a-glance graphical overview and powerful reporting tools, measuring a range of different criteria such as objectives, certification, and improvement.

Dashboard view

The easy to analyse dashboard layout lets you navigate quickly to the focus areas important to your organization: completion, retention, traffic, revenue, and many more.

Customisable reports

Create custom reports which select the specific data you need and present in real time. Or schedule a particular report to be sent out to the relevant users periodically.

In-depth insights

Drill down into the data to discover root causes, solve issues with engagement or attainment, and understand how your learners are using Moodle at a granular level.

Self-directed learning

The dashboard feature details learners’ grades and activity, providing a one-stop location for users to see what they have achieved, and what they have yet to complete.

Enhanced assessments

Use IntelliBoard’s analytics to monitor trends, statistical data and the weaker points in a learners progress, you can create in-depth assessments that truly reflect a learner’s journey.

Personalised experience

Personalise your dashboards and reports to ensure that each user has access to the information that their role requires, without being overwhelmed by irrelevant data.

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Track user engagement

Ensuring that learners are engaged with your platform is key to its success.

IntelliBoard provides multiple reports, analytics and notifications to track and measure how learners are using your LMS and gives you the data you need to identify learners who may be struggling or failing to engage with particular courses.

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Our team is our strength

“Excellent experience working with Titus. We visited the office and had a couple of days with the team, bouncing ideas off each other with regard to creating the platform we wanted”

– City of London Police

"The new system has opened the door for us to write and create new courses to offer to our learners."

- British Weight Lifting

"With Titus’ help, we were able to modernise our learning environment while streamlining the learner experience."

- The National Physical Laboratory

"We see the project taking our business to the next level in the way we deliver training and interact with students."​

- High Performance Learning


IntelliBoard is priced based on the exact modules you wish to use, and the number of users registered. Contact our team for a precise quote.

Yes, if you’re already using Moodle, we can assist you in connecting your Intelliboard account and benefiting from enhanced reporting. 

Intelliboard is extremely scalable, and can be used with Moodle LMSs numbering tens or hundreds of thousands of users. Intelliboard is already used by over 38 million learners worldwide. 

“The team at Titus is super supportive and knowledgeable. We had a dedicated team helping us set up and implement the system."

– Wasabi

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