Author: Marcus Green
22nd October 2018, by , in Blog, Moodle Advice
People like quizzes. The most common use of the word “quiz” in the English language is to precede it with the word “pub”. TV programs like QI and Pointless are some of the most watched, because people like to explore and discuss knowledge, but they are not so keen on being tested. Students are no...
10th September 2018, by , in Blog, Moodle Advice
There are over 1,500 Moodle plugins, but if you see one you like, should you use it? Can you be confident that the Moodle plugin will work with each new version of the core software? If you start to use it and find a problem, who will support you?
Video audio in Moodle
14th August 2018, by , in Blog, Moodle Features
From Moodle 3.5 onwards, course creators are able to record video and audio directly within the editing interface. This is achieved using the Atto text editor – a default option in Moodle (along with TinyMCE). Rather than using a third party plugin, or external recording software to capture media for your course, you can now...
17th May 2018, by , in Blog, Moodle Features
Moodle 3.5 is available for download from today, so as usual we’ve taken a look at the most exciting features and improvements in the new release. If you’d like a more in depth look at the latest version of Moodle, feel free to contact us for a quick online demonstration. GDPR compliance With the deadline...
1st November 2017, by , in Blog, Moodle Features
With a little under two weeks to go until the expected Moodle 3.4 release date on November 13th we’ve put together a list of the features we’re most excited about seeing in the new version. Once we’ve had a chance to test and review Moodle 3.4 we’ll give you an update on anything we might...
21st August 2017, by , in Blog, Moodle Advice, Moodle Features
Yesterday marked Moodle’s 15th birthday, and to celebrate we’ve collated a list of 15 number related facts, tips and statistics about the world’s most popular open source learning platform: Moodle is the brainchild of 1 founder, Martin Dougiamas, who created Moodle back in 2002 (and shares a birthday with it!) There are 2 key areas for...
18th August 2017, by , in Blog, Moodle Advice, Moodle Features
This coming Sunday, 20th of August, will mark Moodle’s 15th birthday. Looking forward to the day, we’ve had a think about what characteristics Moodle shares with other fifteen-year-olds. If you can think of anything we’ve missed, please drop us a line and we’ll add your suggestion to the post! Moodle likes to look good Like...

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