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Artificial intelligence
19th October 2017, by , in Blog, e-Learning Advice
Automation is big news at the moment. Rapidly advancing technology is increasingly promising a world in which many tasks traditionally performed by humans can be taken over by artificial intelligence. What does this mean for teaching and learning? It seems unlikely that we’ll see robots replacing teachers at the front of the classroom any time...
4th August 2017, by , in Blog
It has been a hot topic among teachers for many years – should mobile technology be used in the classroom? It used to be a rule that mobile phones must be switched off to avoid distractions, however increasingly mobile technology is being embraced by schools as part of the learning process. To an extent the...
4th May 2016, by , in Blog
To imagine how different the future classroom might look, we need only think about the classroom ten years ago. What was so different in 2006? There were no tablets – and mobile technology was seen as an unnecessary distraction from learning. Learning platforms were, relatively, in their infancy. Personalised learning had only just been featured in...
22nd April 2016, by , in Blog
The internet has made finding resources easier – but there’s so much choice! Where should you go for the best e-learning resources? How many websites will you need to trawl through before you find something worth using? To help you find great resources to use in your classroom – and to use in your e-learning...
14th April 2016, by , in Blog
The most amazing – and challenging – thing about the human brain is that every single one is different. No two brains are exactly the same. Why challenging? Well, from a teacher’s point of view, you have one, two, possibly three dozen brains all taking in the information you provide in every class. And the...
art-1238602_1920 (1)
30th March 2016, by , in Blog
If your Moodle is to engage learners, it needs to look good. You need to make sure your Moodle theme is eye-catching, is easy to navigate around, and conveys your school’s message or ethos. So you need a Moodle theme designer that can deliver the goods. We’ve put together this short guide to finding the...
14th January 2016, by , in Blog
Integrating an effective e-learning strategy into everyday school life may be the goal – but sometimes a learning platform can fail from the outset simply because its creation, set-up and internal promotion is not thought through. Effective e-learning can – and will – transform your school, and has the potential to increase engagement, improve reporting...
10th December 2015, by , in Blog
Integrating a VLE into your school’s everyday learning is a golden opportunity for providing a more immersive learning experience. The benefits of using a truly engaging VLE and the positive effect it has on students’ learning has been well documented; but to get the most out of it, you have to make sure their experience of online learning...
16th October 2015, by , in Blog
We’re pleased to feature the fourth in our series of guest blogs contributed by John Mikton. With 20 years’ experience working in Education Technology and 10 years as a Senior Leadership Team member in International Schools, John is perfectly placed to comment on all things EdTech. John is currently the Director of eLearning at the Inter...
25th August 2015, by , in Blog
Recently, we talked about how Moodle brings great benefits to not just students, but teachers too. Implementing a VLE can bring massive advantages for both teacher and learner – but used to its full capacity, your learning platform can bring the wider school community together in one place too. In a slightly sad, but ultimately...

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