7 eLearning resources every learning professional should bookmark

The internet has made finding resources more accessible – but there’s so much choice! 

Where should you go for the best e-learning resources? How many websites will you need to trawl through before you find something worth using?

To help you find excellent resources to use in your classroom – and to use in your e-learning – we’ve hand-picked seven websites we think are worth visiting. 

Some you may already have heard of – but hopefully, you’ll find something new in the list below that will help you transform online learning for your team.


You may have heard of Ted Talks – videos from expert speakers covering all manner of inspiring, informative topics. Well, now there’s Ted-Ed.

Ted-Ed works similarly: except it’s an online resource of videos, especially for teachers. There are countless animated videos that you can build lessons around, and just about any topic, you want to cover. These videos are great as a guide to lesson planning for you, the teacher – or you can embed them in your courses for students to watch themselves.


Museums are indeed great for exposing learners to the wonders of art, history and science. It’s also true that it’s not always possible to get the full benefit of what a museum has to offer without arranging a visit. Of course, arranging a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will be nigh on impossible for 99% of the world’s schools!

That’s ok, MetMuseum now brings all that art and wonder to you online, in a comprehensive collection of e-learning resources. MetMuseum gives you access to thousands of artefacts and pieces of artwork that you can use as visual aids for your online courses, or only inspiration for lesson planning. You can access them on the MetMuseum website.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere people shared their PowerPoint presentations? Well, there is SlideShare.

Use the search bar on their website, and you’ll find presentations on subjects you may be covering in the classroom. This is an excellent research resource for you when planning lessons – and for getting ideas on how to present information to your students.


When you need to plan English lessons, or when you’re focusing on improving read and writing skills in your classroom, use ReadWorks.

This website gives you access to lesson plans and reading passages organised by skill level. It’s an excellent resource for reading groups when you need a fictional passage – or informational text for tests, and all the content is research-based.


LearnZillion is a website packed full of ideas, advice and guidance for teachers. Teachers create the content itself – and it’s designed to help you have more of an impact in the classroom.

To access the content on LearnZillion, you’ll need to sign up. However, it’s free, and once you’re a member, you can access hundreds of hours of video content. Sign up to LearnZillion here.


postermywall is an incredibly useful tool you can use to create beautiful designs online effortlessly. They give you access to thousands of templates to choose from, and by using their intuitive design tools, you can repurpose them for your use. 

Want to create a flyer to advertise a sale you have at your business? Need help with creating engaging online ads? Or want to create fantastic 4k videos but don’t know where to get started? postermywall can help with all that. 


Find out more here.



There can’t be many British teachers who haven’t at least heard of TES. However, it still deserves its place on this list, if only for the endless amount of e-learning resources, suitable for all ages.

Resources include lesson plans, ideas and video content – plus, there’s a forum where ideas and thoughts can be shared, questions asked and information posted. No learning professional should be without a TES account – so sign up here. It’s free.

If you need help with lesson planning and adding content to your Moodle, Titus can help. Get in touch with the Titus team here.

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