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8th March 2018, by , in Blog
Many of us experience the occasional wi-fi outage or find our internet connection has slowed to a crawl, and usually it’s a minor and temporary inconvenience. However, if your school is dependent on a reliable connection for your learning platform to function it’s an altogether more serious issue. For many international schools there are factors...
1st December 2017, by , in Blog, e-Learning Events
The British International School Awards are to be held next January at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s Covent Garden. The awards celebrate innovation in strategic, financial and educational projects within British international schools. Organised by British International Schools magazine with the support of ISC Research, they celebrate the groundbreaking work which is being done by schools...
14th April 2016, by , in Blog
The most amazing – and challenging – thing about the human brain is that every single one is different. No two brains are exactly the same. Why challenging? Well, from a teacher’s point of view, you have one, two, possibly three dozen brains all taking in the information you provide in every class. And the...
1st December 2015, by , in Blog
During October and November this year we spent a month travelling around East Asia to meet with clients and attend a variety of e-learning events in the region, returning to the UK at the end of November. It would be impossible to mention everything in a single blog post, but we thought we’d share some...
21st September 2015, by , in Blog
A recent global study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has suggested that schools’ investment in classroom technology may not have the positive effect on results that many institutions had hoped for. The report concluded that education systems which had invested in technology in the classroom on a large scale had not seen...
Titus Learning - e-learning events in SE Asia
7th August 2015, by , in Blog
Over the past 15 or 20 years, we’ve watched as the Internet has made the world a smaller place. There’s no reason to have to wait days or weeks for information or correspondence. In fact – there’s no reason to have to wait minutes any longer. The world wide web has provided us with the...
10th June 2015, by , in Blog
Over the coming weeks and months we’re fortunate enough to be publishing a series of guest blog posts by a number of industry experts. Our first post in the series is written by Brad Philpot, founder and owner of Philpot Education, a licensed provider of worldwide IB teacher training.  I was introduced to Moodle in 2005, when I...
20th April 2015, by , in Blog
On 9th April we headed to Brussels for the 2015 ECIS Leadership Conference, coinciding with ECIS’ Golden Jubilee year. We were pleased to find a good deal of interest in Titus Learning Platform and ideas on bespoke development. One area we spoke about with several groups of visitors was the concept of dynamically linking content...
24th March 2015, by , in Blog
At the end of March we travelled to the 2015 ECIS conference hosted by the Bavarian International School in Munich. We were delighted to be asked to give two presentations, on boosting participation in e-learning, and on getting the best value out of Moodle. It was great to meet up with so many e-learning enthusiasts,...
21st January 2015, by , in Blog
We’re pleased to announce that Titus Learning is an affiliate member of FOBISIA, the Federation of British Schools in Asia. Founded in 1988 to promote excellence in British schools in the region, and to foster collaboration between schools, FOBISIA has grown to provide a forum for better communication between member schools, supporting professional development, training...

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