E-learning – even when the Internet’s down? Here’s how.

Many of us experience the occasional wi-fi outage or find our internet connection has slowed to a crawl, and usually it’s a minor and temporary inconvenience.

However, if your school is dependent on a reliable connection for your learning platform to function it’s an altogether more serious issue.

For many international schools there are factors beyond their control which mean that lack of Internet access is a part of everyday life.

  • Infrastructure – some areas of the world lack the infrastructure to guarantee high speed reliable Internet connections at home or school.
  • Filtering – in some countries filtering or censoring of Internet traffic may cause issues both with reliability and speed. In such cases it can be beneficial to have a more reliable stand-alone solution.
  • Cost – schools in some regions of the world are faced with extremely high costs for Internet usage, so while a connection might be available it makes sense to do as much as possible offline for the sake of the budget.

On site hosting

To avoid the issues associated with unreliable internet access, we offer schools a robust on-site solution which allows the Moodle platform to be hosted locally, while management and monitoring can be performed remotely by our team.

This means that within school, large numbers of concurrent users are able to access e-learning regardless of the speed or reliability of the school’s internet connection.

When the connection is not in use, for example outside of school hours, our team is able to connect to the Moodle remotely to apply security patches, version updates and monitor performance and usage logs without competing for resources.

Example: Wellington College

One example of a school we’ve worked with on circumventing Internet restrictions is Wellington College Tianjin. 

Our remote management facility allowed the school to host their new Moodle installation on their own infrastructure on-site, which is of particular importance in China due to restrictions on international Internet traffic.

“Here in WCIT we usually find working with young teams in developing companies with good ideas, positive energy, and a flexible approach beneficial to both sides, and Titus Learning was no exception.

Ours is perhaps a specific case, as digital communication in China can be quite different to what we are used to overseas, but together we managed to overcome problems and our VLE was set up and ready to go.”

– Gregor Markovic, Head of ICT, WCIT

Find out more about our work with Wellington College Tianjin here

Mobile app

Another invaluable tool for offline work is the Moodle Mobile app, which allows users to participate in the majority of activities in the app even while offline.

In regions where students are less likely to have reliable internet access at home, this enables homework and exam preparation to be completed outside school via an Android or iOS device, and synchronised with the Moodle platform once the student connects to the network in school.

You can find out more about the app here:


We’ve worked with a number of clients across the globe to implement resilient learning platforms which can be used offline. If you’d like to find out more, why not book a quick online demonstration with one of our team?

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