Black History Month with Isaac Eloi

Black History Month interview featured image

In this series of interviews, we’ll be speaking with influential members of the Black community. We hope that by doing this we have the opportunity to broaden our own knowledge as well as creating meaningful conversations by sharing their stories and experiences with our network.

Following on from our episode with Marvina Newton (which you can watch here), we’re very proud to feature Isaac Eloi. 

Isaac is an award-winning Solicitor and Co-founder of the Black Men in Law Network. The group aims to inspire, connect and support Black men in the legal sector and to help them enter the profession. 

In the interview, Seb and Isaac speak about a range of topics; including Black History Month, Isaac’s experiences with racism in his sector, the landscape of Black people in the legal profession and the work that Isaac is doing to challenge the status quo.

Touching on points that were new to us and often overlooked, we found this interview inspiring and helped us to consider new viewpoints. We hope that it has a similar effect on you, and encourage you to continue the conversation with us and your own networks. 

Watch the interview below:

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