Black History Month with Marvina Newton

Marvina Newton Graphic for interview

Marvina Newton (Image credit: Yorkshire Evening Post)

Recent events around the world have affected us deeply at Titus, and they’ve given us the opportunity to reflect on what we are doing to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion.

We have a lineup of events planned. And with October being Black History Month in the UK, we’ve used the opportunity to broaden our knowledge by speaking with influential members of the Black Community. We hope to educate ourselves further by benefitting from a diverse range of experiences . 

Our first guest is Marvina Newton. To those following the Black Lives Matter movement in Leeds, she needs no introduction.

To those who are not yet aware of her work, she’s the founder of BLM in Leeds, is CEO of youth-based charity Angel of Youths and is involved in countless initiatives aimed at challenging prejudice and inequality. 

In this interview, Seb and Marvina discuss a range of topics, and Marvina shares her unique understanding of current events and delivers her message with passion. We found the interview inspiring and it challenged us to consider issues we hadn’t previously.

We hope that it’ll have a similar effect on you, and if it does, please engage with us on social media so we can continue the conversation.

Enjoy it here:

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