What’s new in Moodle Workplace 3.9?

Last week we spoke about the release of Moodle 3.9, the much-anticipated latest LTS (Long Term Support) version of Moodle. When new Moodle versions become available we’ve always followed them up with blog posts that outline all the new features and give you the information that you need to know. We’re happy that for the first time we’re now able to do this with Moodle Workplace, with the recently released version of Moodle Workplace 3.9.


Every upgrade to either Moodle or Moodle Workplace comes with a championed change, and the biggest change to this Workplace release is the incredible developments to the migration functionality. This newly added tool, through an intuitive step by step process, gives the user the ability to export the various different areas of Moodle Workplace and then import them to either a different area of the same instance or an entirely different Moodle Workplace.

This feature had been requested by a number of users of the Moodle Workplace platform, and it’s excellent to see it being addressed so fast.

The areas of Moodle Workplace that you can export/import is vast, including;

– Programs: definition, courses, user allocations and component dynamic rules.

– Certifications: definition, associated programs, courses, user allocations and component dynamic rules.

– Dynamic Rules: definition, conditions and actions. 

– Organisation Structure (Jobs): jobs details with their associated department and position frameworks.

– Organisation Structure (Frameworks): department and position frameworks with the whole hierarchy for departments and/or positions.

– Courses: using default course backup options.

Further changes

Report builder – Filter and condition for the current user: pre-filter any report to show only information related to the viewer.

Learner dashboard – One of our favourite additions to this release is the work done to improve Moodle Workplace UX, with a series of improvements to the Learner Dashboard. 

Video conferencing – Moodle favourite BigBlueButton has been built into Moodle Workplace for the cloud version.  

Dynamic rules – There has been added additional capability checks for each condition and action. 

To see the full list of all the new features, check out the release notes here. And if you would like to speak to Titus about Moodle Workplace, get in touch on the button below. 

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