Titus works with Network Rail to launch their new Moodle Workplace LMS for over 100,000 rail industry employees across Britain

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In a previous blog post, we spoke about being commissioned by Network Rail, owner and infrastructure manager of the UK railway network, to provide them with a custom Moodle Workplace LMS. We’re very proud to announce that the initial rollout has now been launched. 

The new system provides Network Rail with a single learning platform unifying content creation and distribution, payment handling, analysis and reporting for up to 100,000 users. 

The initial rollout involves over 50,000 users based around Britain who have access to over 165 courses including: security on the railway; industry common induction; personal track safety and data protection essentials.

Network Rail’s wide-ranging vision for the new Moodle platform includes using it to facilitate internal training processes, as well as providing chargeable training to over 800 external ‘sponsor’ organisations operating in the rail industry.

Moodle Workplace’s multi-tenancy capabilities allow the creation of multiple sub-platforms for each organisation within Network Rail’s supply chain, allowing the day-to-day management of learning and development to be devolved to local teams.

The powerful reporting tools built into the platform allow Network Rail to make data-driven decisions on every aspect of how the platform is used, identifying and eliminating waste at every stage of the process.

The solution includes e-commerce functionality which allows Network Rail to offer chargeable course packages to sponsor organisations within the industry, reducing the burden on the taxpayer. They have the ability to purchase online courses for their own users and access reporting on the progress of the user groups for which they are responsible. 

“The LMS we delivered for Network Rail is the largest and one of the most complex projects built on the Moodle Workplace platform since its release last year. Whilst working to tight timescales and a very specific set of requirements, we were delighted to complete development, testing and handover on time and within budget. We look forward to working closely with Network Rail in a support and advisory capacity as the platform is rolled out to additional groups of users in the coming phases.”
Seb Francis
Co-founder and Director

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