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In this series of videos and blog posts, I’m looking into all of Moodle Workplace’s brand new features and explaining the benefits these will bring for Workplace learning. In this instalment, I will be taking a look at the Certificates feature.

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their hard work. Engaging content and a real sense of development will go a long way in increasing your Learning Management System usage, but an extra step you can take is recognising the hard work of your learners by awarding certificates. 

One of the main difficulties we’ve found for organisations when it comes to awarding Certificates is having the design expertise to create one, and then having to manually award them to users for different achievements. 

The Certificate function within Moodle Workplace allows you to do this perfectly. Again, we’ll run through an example of how this is done. 

We start from the Workplace Launcher, and from there head to the Certificates section. The + button allows us to create a new certificate. Here we can fill out the information for our certificate, including its name, where it will be available (specific tenant or site-wide) and it’s dimensions. 

From here we are presented with a blank certificate where we can start designing.

The ‘Add Element’ button allows us to choose from a variety of options to add to our certificate, including text, dates, user fields, and even your own code. The fields are responsive, so by simply choosing ‘name’, this will update to the name of anyone that receives the certificate. 

Once you have your Certificate design ready, it’s time to head over to the Certifications section to set up rules. To see how easy it is to create a certificate in Moodle Workplace, watch the below video. 

Rewarding users for their hard work is a great way to build an engaging LMS platform, and with Moodle Workplace’s intuitive Certificate feature, it couldn’t be easier. 

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