What it means to be a Moodle Partner

In this post Titus Learning co-founder and director Seb Francis reflects on our certified Moodle Partner status and what it means to the company.

In March, we were delighted to be one of the main sponsors for the UK and Ireland MoodleMoot 2018. We were joined by some of the other Certified UK Moodle Partners, Moodle Premium Integrators, and a whole load of Moodlers from around the globe!

We were fortunate enough to host a number of presentations on some of the most recent Moodle developments we’ve completed, such as social walls for sharing media, and personal dashboards for highlighting key user data. It’s always great to get immediate feedback from Moodle users and share best practice for people to use in their own organisation.

With the GDPR implementation date looming ever closer, there was a large focus on data protection and what Moodle (and the Partners) are doing to ensure they’re compliant, and what they can do to help their customers adhere to GDPR internally.

We have already released one guest post around how organisations can ensure they’re compliant, and we have a number of other posts and further information to be released over the next few weeks. Moodle HQ have been doing a great job and all Moodle users should check out these plugins at the very least.

Titus Learning are running a webinar on May 9th to advise schools on preparing for the GDPR deadline. To sign up, click here.

After welcoming the Moodle HQ team, including Mr Dougiamas himself, to our offices the week before the Moot, it was another great chance to speak with the team.

It really made us appreciate the benefits of being a Certified Moodle Partner, whether that’s the direct communication with the Moodle team, the fact we’re financially contributing to the ongoing development of Moodle, and even the influence we have over the future of Moodle.

The open source nature of Moodle, and the great work done by the whole community in improving and extending it really fits well with the Titus Learning brand – smartly tailored e-learning. As one of only six Moodle Partners in the UK (and only 11 to be certified in more than one country worldwide) we’re firmly committed to promoting the Moodle platform.

The Moot was rounded off with a brilliant Glaswegian party which was a great way to wrap up an amazing few days. We’re already excited for next year’s Moot, and will be at plenty of education and digital learning events in the meantime!

If you have any questions about how we can help you further develop your Moodle platform, or even if you’re just getting started in the world of Moodle, please get in touch.

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