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Moodle MEC is a comprehensive online assessment and certification programme for teachers, instructors, and trainers who want to demonstrate their overall digital competencies within e-learning; leverage their Moodle experience to advance their skills further or collaborate with other motivated and innovative educators.

The guiding philosophy behind MEC is to support and recognise users who are successfully applying Moodle to improve their teaching and learning practice.

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Who is the certification aimed at?

The MEC is aimed at experienced educators who have at least a year or two of Moodle use under their belt. You should be comfortable with the key elements of the Moodle platform, such as Activities, Groups, Gradebook, Communication tools and Resource types.

So if you’ve been successfully using Moodle for some time now, but you’re looking to prove your knowledge and use of the platform, and demonstrate how you use it to support your teaching, MEC gives you a recognised, transferable certification.

Course materials

You’ll have full access to the  materials, resources and activities you need to guide you through each module, delivered through Moodle.

Example approaches

We’ll demonstrate some exemplar Moodle teaching approaches and help you collate and present your submissions for each module.

Personal feedback

At the start of the course, and following each individual module you’ll receive detailed feedback from our programme leaders for the MEC.

Programme support

If you have any minor issues or questions as you progress through the course you can contact a member of the Titus support team for assistance.

Course structure

The MEC covers 22 core competencies defined by the Digital Competence Framework for Educators, across six content-rich courses.


Candidates who successfully complete the course earn a Moodle badge for each of the six courses plus a Moodle Educator Certificate.

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What commitment is involved?

For the initial launch, the Core Certification will include 6 modules, and will run over 6 months. We would recommend you allow 4-6 hours of exploring and working with the supporting content and activities in each module.

As Moodle MEC is run as an online course, you’ll be able to participate at whatever time is most convenient to you.

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Seb Francis - Co-founder and Director
Mike Bennett - Co-founder and Director
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Our team is our strength

“I found (the team) to be very engaging, and I liked the Titus way of working. They provide good support and training and are very flexible in their approach to clients.”

– City of London Police

"The new system has opened the door for us to write and create new courses to offer to our learners."

- British Weight Lifting

"With Titus’ help, we were able to modernise our learning environment while streamlining the learner experience."

- The National Physical Laboratory

"We see the project taking our business to the next level in the way we deliver training and interact with students."​

- High Performance Learning


We recommend at least a year of teaching using Moodle as a starting point, during which you have developed courses within the platform and facilitated the use of Moodle with real students (as opposed to a test group).

No, you can complete the modules at your own pace, and you’ll be awarded an individual badge on successful completion of each one. To gain the Moodle Educators Certificate you will need to complete all six modules within a period of two years. 

Yes, although this would not be linked to a specific qualification such as the MEC. We can provide bespoke training programmes for users of any ability or role, offered as a combination of remote and face to face sessions depending on your needs. Get in touch for more information.

“The team at Titus is super supportive and knowledgeable. We had a dedicated team helping us set up and implement the system."

– Wasabi

How do I get started?

Titus runs the Moodle Educator Certification Program at regular intervals throughout the year. To find out when the next cohort will be registered, get in touch.

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