Moodle is turning 15 this weekend!

This coming Sunday, 20th of August, will mark Moodle’s 15th birthday. Looking forward to the day, we’ve had a think about what characteristics Moodle shares with other fifteen-year-olds. If you can think of anything we’ve missed, please drop us a line and we’ll add your suggestion to the post!


Moodle likes to look good

Like any teenager, Moodle is keen to stand out from the crowd. Its modern theme designs combine great aesthetics with well thought out functionality, to ensure the end user can navigate the platform quickly and efficiently. And of course there’s ample room for tailoring to ensure each installation of Moodle represents the perfect fit for the end user.

Moodle is sociable

Moodle is a friendly learning platform, and integrates well with a whole range of software. From content management systems like Drupal, Mahara and Joomla, to management information systems such as SIMS, CMIS, iSAMS and Veracross, and a host of others including payment systems, communications apps and web-based office software, Moodle loves to mingle.

Moodle loves travel

Although Moodle was born in Australia, it didn’t take long to catch the travel bug. With millions of users around the world, and over 100 languages supported, there’s barely a corner of the globe which hasn’t been visited by Moodle. In addition, there are almost 50 countries which host an official Moodle Partner, providing invaluable support and services to Moodlers in their territories.

Moodle is passionate about a cause

A strong sense of social responsibility is typical of many teenagers, and Moodle is no exception. As an open source platform it’s available to organisations across the globe to use free of charge, and is supported by a huge community of developers, many of whom are volunteers.

Moodle is ready for the workplace

As a mature and adaptable learning platform, it’s not just education which occupies Moodle’s attention, but also the world of business. From small startups to multinational corporate firms, Moodle finds a home facilitating professional development, workplace training, mandatory compliance and more.

Moodle likes to party

What 15 year old doesn’t like to kick back and party with friends once in a while? With regular Moodle Moots taking place all around the world, and plenty of appearances at conferences, exhibitions and trade shows, the Moodle community is well served with opportunities to meet, greet and exchange ideas, as well as enjoy some down time together.


If you’d like to get to know Moodle better, or have any suggestions you’d like us to add to the post, please get in touch here.

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