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This week we saw the release of Moodle 3.10, the latest version of Moodle. As always, I’m here to run you through all of the new features so you’re up to date for when you upgrade. 

Firstly, a quick side note. This latest Moodle version has been dedicated to the United Nations on its 75th birthday. And in honour of the UN’s global work, this Moodle version has drawn particular contributions from Moodle’s global community. In these challenging times where people can feel disconnected from one another, I thought this was a fantastic message. 

Now, on to the features: 

Downloadable Courses – 

In every Moodle version, one particular feature is nominated by the Moodle Users Association. For Moodle 3.10, this feature is the ability for learners to download the course content to their device. 

Changes to H5P – 

One of our flagship Moodle services is the bespoke Moodle themes that we build. That’s why I was incredibly pleased to find out about the changes brought in for H5P. In Moodle 3.10, you can now customise H5P styles so that they match your organisation’s theme and branding. 

H5P files will also come with tutorials and examples to help you understand what they do, making an incredibly intuitive tool even easier to use. 

Payment Gateway – 

For organisations that use their Moodle platform to sell courses and handle payments, this next feature will be welcomed. 

New payment settings allow you to introduce multiple ways to accept payments in your Moodle courses, such as through a bank, or by PayPal. 

Changes to Quizzes – 

The quiz tool now comes with a new completion option based on the number of attempts, meaning that you can set a rule on how many times a user must attempt the quiz before they can move on.

And timed quizzes will now have a timer fixed to the top of the screen as the user scrolls, allowing them to always see how long they have left before the quiz ends. 

Other changes – 

– Improvements to the way folders are displayed.

– Changes to language customisation. 

– LTI 1.3 dynamic registration 

– Improvements to command-line scripts 

– Improved task management

– Accessibility improvements (which have been backported into Moodle 3.9) 

There we have it, all the new features of Moodle 3.10. For more information, watch this video here – 

To our clients, we’ll be reaching out shortly to arrange an upgrade to your platform. And for anyone else that would like support in getting set up on the latest Moodle version, please get in touch below. 

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