Five great apps for teachers

Given that there are few teachers out there who wouldn’t describe themselves as ‘busy’, it’s hardly surprising that so many app developers the world over have jumped at the chance to provide useful apps for teachers.

Today, there are apps for just about anything you can think of – whether it’s weight watching, TV channel hopping or having a baby. And there are many apps for things you’d never have thought of in a million years, as our list below demonstrates.

We recently gave you a list of five great mobile apps for the classroom. Now, we’ve scoured the internet and found five great apps for teachers. Each one fulfils a different role, and all will help save you time.


For: Lesson planning on-the-go

Compatible with iOS, or use on your desktop computer

Planboard is becoming an increasingly popular way for educators to plan lessons. The key to its success is how easy it is to use. The app – available on your iPhone, iPad or your computer and therefore accessible from almost anywhere – allows you to reduce the time taken to organise lessons and the school week as a whole.

You can plan out lessons in a calendar style, building lesson templates that you can use again and again, further reducing you prep time. You can add standards sets that allow you to monitor progression, and plans can easily be shared with colleagues.

Plus, with the ability to attach videos and photos that you can then use in lessons, Planboard is not just one of the best apps for lesson planning available – it’s one of the best apps for teachers you’re likely to find.

Document Scanner

For: Scanning documents and converting them to PDFs

Compatible with Android

Document Scanner gets rid of the need to use the school photocopier or scanner. Using your phone, take a photograph of the document – and then let Document Scanner convert it to a PDF document for you. You can then save, email or print that document out. Simple!


For: Checking students’ work for plagiarism

Compatible with Moodle

Checking for plagiarism in work submitted by students can be a tough – nay impossible – task. However, there’s a quick and easy way to do it – Unplag.

Unplag is one of many apps for teachers that is compatible with Moodle, and allows you to check up to five papers at a time for work lifted from the internet and your own document library. In fact, it checks work at a speed of four seconds per page!


For: Keeping control of your to-do lists

Compatible with iOS

When you’re a busy teacher and you have lots to do, you make lists. But list-making can spiral out of control, especially when you have calendar events and diary entries too.

Clear brings them all together. This easy to use list-making app can sync across your Mac, iPhone and iPad – and has already won awards for how easy and intuitive it is. It allows you to make separate lists for different parts of your life, set reminders and personalise each list you make. Sounds simple – but already many people are finding they can’t live without it.


For: Realtime grammar and writing tuition

Compatible with your desktop or laptop computer

This free app helps students with their spelling, grammar and punctuation in real-time. Colour coded reports also provide you with an overview on which students are doing well with their writing, and who is struggling.

Bonus App: Edulink

For: Accessing your MIS data anywhere

Compatible with iOS and Android

It would be remiss of us not to include our very own EduLink app in this list! EduLink allows two-way sharing of data with your MIS software, enabling you to access information from, and write data back to the MIS. The Communicator feature also utilises your MIS contact listto let you communicate with stakeholders via email or SMS.

If you would more information about Edulink and other apps for teachers, as well as e-learning solutions that can help you both in the classroom and out of it, speak to the Titus team. You can get in touch here.


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