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We’re always seeking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Moodle and stay ahead of the latest e-learning trends. Starting with the Moodle core as a base, our Moodle development team creates innovative solutions to extend the functionality of the platform.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with e-learning, our expert Moodle developers have got the knowhow to take your idea from the drawing board to reality.

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We’re always happy to speak to fellow Moodlers about any idea, large or small, which brings something extra to the Moodle platform, or extends its functionality in some way.

Every project starts with a consultation, which allows us to break down your project into its individual parts, and work out the likely timescales, costs and requirements involved in realising the brief.

Solution design

Whatever your idea, there’s usually more than one way of bringing it to life. Our experienced team of developers is expert in finding innovative and efficient solutions to the most complex problems – it’s what we thrive on.

In collaboration with you, we’ll draw up a solution design which incorporates each individual requirement of your brief and lays out how the final product might look.

Titus Moodle Drawing

Specification & mockup

With the final concept agreed, we’ll combine all the necessary elements into a specification document which outlines each detail of the build.

We’ll then create a working mockup ready for initial testing by the Titus team to ensure everything is functioning as planned.

Our agile development process allows us to provide you with regular updates on the build process, and adapt to any unforeseen issues which may occur along the way.

Beta testing

Once you’re happy with the working build, it’s time to involve a wider audience in the testing process to assess user experience and usability.

We’ll help you put together a beta testing programme including user groups and test scripts, which will feed into the final stages of bug fixing and adjustments to arrive at a polished and complete product ready to be put live.

Roll out

With testing complete, it’s time for the big unveiling as you put your finished product live – always the most exciting part of the project.

As well as supporting you with the technical aspects of the roll-out, we’ll offer a helping hand when it comes to promoting your new platform, training users, and ensuring everyone involved is engaged and excited about the launch.

Future development

Of course, launch day is just the start. Once your new product is live, we’ll help you ensure it grows and adapts to a changing market.

Whether that’s developing new features in response to user feedback, releasing security patches or version upgrades, or assisting with ongoing promotion we’ll provide proactive and informed assistance.

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Whatever your idea, there’s usually more than one way of bringing it to life. Why not get in touch to see how our development services can help you?

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