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“Why do we need a learning platform? We get by fine using the tools we have.”

Many schools we speak to have raised a similar point to the one above. And on the face of it, it’s a valid question. Why invest in setting up a fully fledged LMS when you can use tools like Google Suite or Office 365 to manage e-learning?

In our view, while it’s possible to support e-learning to an extent with these kind of tools, using them in place of an LMS often falls short in a number of key areas. Ultimately this increases, rather than decreases the workload on teaching and administrative staff. In our work with schools around the globe, we’ve spoken to a number of educators who support this view.

Guiseley School had been working with various pieces of software, and had achieved some degree of integration between them, but still felt that the decentralised system fell short of acting as an effective learning platform.

“We had tried to use several different tools. Until recently we were using Microsoft Sharepoint, integrated with a third party reporting system, and using Capita’s SIMS Learning Gateway. Whilst this was a good system to use for business needs, staff found it very difficult to use as an LMS.”

– Alastair Herron, Network Manager, Guiseley School

At International School Brunei, teachers had been getting by using freely available software to handle some administrative tasks, but with the school preparing to transition to a new campus, senior management were keen to implement a more sophisticated solution which would support all areas of e-learning.

“Prior to selecting Titus Learning, the school was using a free platform – which was adequate for setting homework tasks and sharing resources, but once the school moved to the new campus, this would not have all the features that would be needed.”

– Carol Hancox, Head of ICT, International School Brunei

Dulwich College International was already using Moodle at a number of sites but felt that they were not using Moodle to its full potential, and were keen to better integrate the platform with their management information system, Capita SIMS.

“The Titus team has truly partnered with us through an ongoing customization of Moodle to create a tool that has become part of our everyday practice. Titus Learning provided the tools and communication we needed to make Moodle a true middleware platform to better serve our teachers, students and parents.”

– Staci Kalmbacher, Director of Educational Technology and Professional Learning, Dulwich College International

At Titus Learning, we recommend integration, rather than substitution. Below, we show the key functions of an LMS, and how using “office suite” style software often addresses only some of these functions. This is not an exhaustive list, but it illustrates the extra functionality which can be accessed with a dedicated LMS.


Whether you’re interested in bespoke themes making Moodle effortless to use; integration with other systems to save valuable time; or custom development ensuring your Moodle is the perfect fit for your needs, we’d love to meet you and discuss how we can help.

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