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Last week we were delighted to welcome a delegation from Moodle HQ to our head office in Saltaire. Moodle founder Martin Dougiamas, his partner Usha, Gavin Henrick and Garnet Berry stopped off in Yorkshire on their way to the MoodleMoot in Glasgow.

We showed them round the historic offices at Salts Mill and the beautiful surrounds of Saltaire and beyond, before enjoying a succulent (and substantial) selection of tapas at a renowned local restaurant.

It was a great opportunity to recap on the partnership process which we undertook last year, and we were glad to be able to thank Gavin and Garnet in person for their support on our journey to becoming a certified Moodle Partner.


We took the opportunity to share some of the recent projects we’ve been working on, particularly our custom Moodle development work and software integrations.

Looking at the future development of Moodle, the conversation centred around GDPR compliance and the upcoming improvements to the Moodle app – we’re looking forward to seeing progress on these over the next Moodle releases.

We also discussed the ongoing growth of Titus both in the UK and internationally, with the Moodle team particularly interested in our rapid growth in Asia.

It wasn’t all work though – we had plenty of fun and the conversation flowed freely. We reminisced about the time our senior developer Marcus visited Martin in Perth some 15 years (or something) ago, with the return visit to Yorkshire being a long time in the making!

As we waved Martin and Usha off on their way to spend a day in sunny Windermere before heading to Glasgow, we were happy to have hosted the Moodle delegation and looking forward to presenting and continuing to build friendships at the Moot.

Our team will be at the Moot until March 28th – if you’d like to book an individual meeting with them at the event, please get in touch here:

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