The educational benefits of using Titus Learning Platform

At Titus Learning we’re really focused on creating environments in which effective learning can flourish. E-learning is facilitated by technology, but it’s not about technology. Our aim with each project we undertake is to keep the inner workings of the VLE running smoothly, and out of sight, so that teachers and learners alike can get on with what they do best.

Here are a few of the ways in which we feel a well designed VLE with a carefully thought out implementation plan can positively affect teaching and learning. 

Enhanced contact between teachers and learners

One major issue in the classroom is the lack of time a teacher is able to devote to each individual student. The VLE helps circumvent this by allowing asynchronous communication between staff and students, via forums or messaging apps, which allows teachers to respond to students’ questions on a one-to-one basis at their convenience.

Better collaboration between students 

Similarly, the communication tools available through a learning platform allow a new level of collaboration between fellow students, whether via direct messaging, or group tools such as web conferencing and chatrooms. This promotes discussion, mutual assistance and enables effective peer to peer learning.

 Promotes active rather than passive learning

Making resources and activities available to learners at their convenience enables self directed learning in a way that simple homework assignments do not. Using tools such as learning diaries or blogs hosted within the VLE can encourage students to reflect on their learning and figure out new ways to apply the knowledge they’ve gained.

 Enables real-time feedback

The instant feedback afforded by activities such as self marking quizzes and educational games allows students to focus their learning and achieve more within a single session than they would without this guidance. Teachers can use this aspect of the learning platform to design learning paths which present students with new activities based on past performance, catering for diverse learning speeds and styles.

Encourages deeper exploration 

The courses within a VLE can provide an expansive set of follow-on resources for students who want to explore a topic beyond the set assignments or activities. Teachers can quickly and easily link to further reading lists, articles, explanatory videos, podcasts, RSS feeds – an almost endless list of possibilities for the interested student.

The points above are simply a glimpse at the benefits that a well used and widely adopted VLE can bring to teaching and learning in a school. As with any tool, the potential of the platform is limited only by the imagination of the teachers and students who use it.

We’d be really interested to hear of any novel and innovative ways in which you’ve harnessed e-learning technology to enhance learning outcomes. Drop us a line or leave a message in the comments below. 

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