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4th August 2017, by , in Blog
It has been a hot topic among teachers for many years – should mobile technology be used in the classroom? It used to be a rule that mobile phones must be switched off to avoid distractions, however increasingly mobile technology is being embraced by schools as part of the learning process. To an extent the...
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29th September 2016, by , in Blog
This week we’re pleased to feature a guest post from our Technical Lead, Majid Hussain, who has recently returned from a two week trip to East Asia to conduct training sessions with a few of our client schools. This summer I travelled to China and Brunei to visit three of the schools we work with...
13th May 2016, by , in Blog
The sixth installment in our series of free Moodle training webinars will take place next week. This session will address how a teacher would set restrictions within resources and activities. We will also look at how a teacher would enable and use activity completion within Moodle. It will take place on Wednesday 25th May at...
11th May 2016, by , in Blog
Even if you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to using Moodle, there will still be occasions when you need a bit of back-up. Whether it’s a technical question, an access issue or a problem one of your students is having, having a Moodle support provider that’s just a phone call away can be a...
7th April 2016, by , in Blog
Cyberbullying is a worrying problem in schools – and it’s growing. According to the i-SAFE foundation, over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, one in three have experienced cyber threats online – and, even more worryingly, of those young people who are victims, over half do not tell their parents about it. Social...
16th March 2016, by , in Blog
Choosing the right Moodle training provider is vital. If you want to realise the full potential of Moodle within your school, it’s essential for all relevant staff to get up to speed before your Moodle is launched, and to keep abreast of developments along the way. With key Moodle knowledge gleaned from good training, you can be...
27th January 2016, by , in Blog
Last week saw the second in our series of free Moodle training webinars, ably hosted by our own Technical Lead, Majid Hussain. In this session, Majid explored  the best ways to upload and signpost resources within Moodle, to ensure easy access for students. If you missed the live session, feel free to view the full...
19th January 2016, by , in Blog
We’re pleased to announce the next in our series of free Moodle training webinars, which will take place later this week. The second session will address the best ways to upload and signpost resources within Moodle, and will take place on Thursday, January 21st at 8:00 am GMT, with the same session repeated at 4:00pm...
14th January 2016, by , in Blog
Integrating an effective e-learning strategy into everyday school life may be the goal – but sometimes a learning platform can fail from the outset simply because its creation, set-up and internal promotion is not thought through. Effective e-learning can – and will – transform your school, and has the potential to increase engagement, improve reporting...
8th January 2016, by , in Blog
For forward-thinking schools where ICT is a priority, Microsoft’s Office 365 makes a great companion to your learning management system. In just the same way as with Google Docs, integrating Office 365 and Moodle could save you hours of administration work every week, in the process increasing convenience and productivity for both you and your students....

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