Arlo: Streamlining your training provision

At Titus Learning we work with a range of partners to extend the capabilities of the bespoke Moodle platforms that we offer to both the education and business sectors.

One such partner is Arlo, the global leading training management system for training providers. We’ve been working with Arlo for a while now, and as the functionality of the product continues to grow, we’re simply blown away by what’s available.

Simply put, Arlo is a cloud-based training management system that handles everything from online registration, the promotion of your training courses, taking payments for your courses, and the delivery of physical and online training.

Arlo does everything, from:

Online Registration – accepting online registrations and payments, creating sign on forms, and handling invoices, cancellations and refunds.

Event management and course management – track tasks, send emails, record notes, allowing you to manage all information and resources through Moodle.

Website integration – integrate your platform with your website, allowing intuitive and seamless access for users.

e-Learning elements (which integrate with Moodle) – live online learning, self-paced online learning and blended learning with Moodle.

Customer relationship management – manage all information about clients and registrants in one place.

Marketing tools – run targeted campaigns to promote your training offerings and events, access analytics such as tracking conversations on registrations and integrations with marketing automation tools.

Perhaps the best feature of Arlo from our point of view is its seamless integration with Moodle.

Using a combination of Arlo and Moodle, you can effortlessly manage your training programmes, whilst continuing to use core Moodle features such as activities, discussion forums, quizzes, assignments, recorded videos, self-paced online activities, live online sessions and more.

Like Moodle, Arlo is not a static product and is constantly developing with a regular schedule of updates.

Recently we’ve seen the introduction of the ability to add your company operating hours, set public holidays, and add other company-wide external appointments, and further developments to the demo site which allows you to have a sandbox platform with sample data where you can safely play with new features and train staff, without affecting your live platform.

Arlo’s pricing structure is banded so that it can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Pricing is dependant on the number of administrator licences that there are, the number of ‘paid’ registrations yearly, and the number of ‘free’ registrations yearly. There is also an implementation fee to be paid to use Arlo, which covers the setup and initial training requirements.

Arlo is an invaluable addition to any business LMS, and it’s something we can see providing huge benefits to many of our clients especially those that provide regular training and staff development programmes.

If you would like to learn more about Arlo, or book an individual demonstration of the software, please get in touch with one of our team using the link below:

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