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Titus Learning - e-learning events in SE Asia
7th August 2015, by , in Blog
Over the past 15 or 20 years, we’ve watched as the Internet has made the world a smaller place. There’s no reason to have to wait days or weeks for information or correspondence. In fact – there’s no reason to have to wait minutes any longer. The world wide web has provided us with the...
20th April 2015, by , in Blog
On 9th April we headed to Brussels for the 2015 ECIS Leadership Conference, coinciding with ECIS’ Golden Jubilee year. We were pleased to find a good deal of interest in Titus Learning Platform and ideas on bespoke development. One area we spoke about with several groups of visitors was the concept of dynamically linking content...
9th July 2014, by , in Blog
We were recently invited by iSAMS to write a guest article detailing the importance of integration between a school’s Moodle and Management Information System (MIS).  We welcomed the opportunity to provide the article for the iSAMS and Moodle community as it is a subject we regularly encounter with our customers when discussing their ICT needs, here it is: Moodle...

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