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14th April 2016, by , in Blog
The most amazing – and challenging – thing about the human brain is that every single one is different. No two brains are exactly the same. Why challenging? Well, from a teacher’s point of view, you have one, two, possibly three dozen brains all taking in the information you provide in every class. And the...
23rd March 2016, by , in Blog
If you want to choose the best Moodle hosting provider for your needs, you need to make sure you do your homework. In the second of a series of guides to finding the right Moodle services for you, we’re taking a look at hosting. Choosing the right hosting company may be way down on your list of...
14th January 2016, by , in Blog
Integrating an effective e-learning strategy into everyday school life may be the goal – but sometimes a learning platform can fail from the outset simply because its creation, set-up and internal promotion is not thought through. Effective e-learning can – and will – transform your school, and has the potential to increase engagement, improve reporting...
18th December 2015, by , in Blog
This month we launched a new series of free webinars for Moodle users. The first Moodle training webinar in the series took place on December 9th, hosted by our Technical Lead, Majid Hussain. If you missed the live session, don’t worry, you can view the full webinar on YouTube here: Our next webinar will take place on...
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7th August 2015, by , in Blog
Over the past 15 or 20 years, we’ve watched as the Internet has made the world a smaller place. There’s no reason to have to wait days or weeks for information or correspondence. In fact – there’s no reason to have to wait minutes any longer. The world wide web has provided us with the...
28th October 2014, by , in Blog
There are a number of Moodle course format options available, allowing you to select the layout and functionality that is most suited to your course. Certain formats are installed as standard but you can install additional course formats from Moodle.org. The full list of formats available is here. When selecting which Moodle course format is most...
25th June 2014, by , in Blog
Prior to working with us, many of our clients have worked with multiple systems, claiming they were unable to find the right VLE or Learning Platform to meet their needs and requirements. What we have discovered is that it is not always the case of a bad system and more often than not their dissatisfaction...
17th June 2014, by , in Blog
Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) are used by thousands of schools around the world, unfortunately a large number of these users aren’t getting the most from their platform. One of the main success factors of any system is how well it actually meets your requirements. It is nearly impossible to meet all, or most, of your...

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