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28th July 2015, by , in Blog
We’ve written a lot on this blog about the benefits of using a VLE from the learner’s point of view, but another crucial aspect of implementing a learning platform is the positive effect it can have on teachers’ day to day lives. In this post we’ve looked at five main areas in which your VLE...
20th April 2015, by , in Blog
On 9th April we headed to Brussels for the 2015 ECIS Leadership Conference, coinciding with ECIS’ Golden Jubilee year. We were pleased to find a good deal of interest in Titus Learning Platform and ideas on bespoke development. One area we spoke about with several groups of visitors was the concept of dynamically linking content...
16th February 2015, by , in Blog
At Titus Learning we’re really focused on creating environments in which effective learning can flourish. E-learning is facilitated by technology, but it’s not about technology. Our aim with each project we undertake is to keep the inner workings of the VLE running smoothly, and out of sight, so that teachers and learners alike can get...

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