Tag: collaboration
3rd June 2015, by , in Blog
A couple of weeks ago we headed down to London for the COBIS Annual Conference at the Park Plaza in Victoria. The theme this year was “Measuring Success: Wellbeing, Resilience, Education and Leadership”. Over the three days we heard a range of inspiring and instructive speakers give presentations on the current hot topics affecting international...
10th April 2015, by , in Blog
Perhaps the most obvious difference between classroom based and online learning is the latter’s availability from any location at any time. One particular benefit of a VLE in this regard is the ability to use it to support teaching and learning if the school is forced to close, whether that’s due to extreme weather, security...
16th February 2015, by , in Blog
At Titus Learning we’re really focused on creating environments in which effective learning can flourish. E-learning is facilitated by technology, but it’s not about technology. Our aim with each project we undertake is to keep the inner workings of the VLE running smoothly, and out of sight, so that teachers and learners alike can get...

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