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At the beginning of every year, everyone at Titus Learning updates their calendar with the events they will be attending, and one of the events everyone always looks forward to with excitement is the various MoodleMoot’s. We’re now into the later stages of 2019 and by the end of the year, we will have visited Moots in at least 3 countries worldwide, the UK, Japan, and MoodleMoot Global in Barcelona, Spain.

MoodleMoot’s do truly reflect the core message of open source and community learning that Moodle champions, they’re community-driven events organised by Moodle users aimed at sharing ideas, development projects and an opportunity for improving your knowledge of all things Moodle. Since those early days, Moots have developed and as opposed to being completely community-led, HQ has joined forces to bring a new dimension to the events.

MoodleMoots are spread across the entire globe and popping up in new areas all the time. We always keep our ears to the ground to hear about any new Moot’s announced, and we were thrilled to hear of the announcement of the first official MoodleMoot Benelux, which will be the closest MoodleMoot to us after the UK and Ireland event.

MoodleMoot Benelux was formed by Ned-Moove, which is a union of Dutch Moodle Users aimed at bringing together organisations interested in development, research and teaching practice using Moodle. The theme of MoodleMoot Benelux is ‘professionalism’, aimed at tackling the misguided interpretations people sometimes have of Moodle being amateurish. On top of this, MoodleMoot Benelux will also be talking about user experience and will be demonstrating case studies of fantastic Moodle platforms.

We spoke to Gert and Gemma, two of the leading founders of MoodleMoot Benelux to speak about what people should expect from the event, and on top of the 15 individual break out sessions, we were thrilled to hear that the MEC program is going to be a large focus of the event. We’re huge advocates of the MEC program at Titus and have been running a number of successful cohorts, so we were thrilled to find the MEC getting the attention it deserves.

MoodleMoot Benelux will be held on the 23rd of October, only 27 days away. To secure your place, register on the button below –

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