Managing year-end procedures in Moodle

If your Moodle platform is used in an academic environment (e.g a school, college or university) there are a number of factors to consider to ensure your platform is kept organised and is prepared for the new academic year.

We’ve put together a handy guide illustrating our preferred (and often the most efficient) methods based on the hosting options that we provide at Titus Learning.

Depending on the chosen method the responsibility may lie with one person or be distributed amongst a number of individuals. This will depend upon the internal structure in place regarding the learning platform. This guide is designed to assist Moodle users of all levels of experience in completing the relevant tasks.

The guide covers a range of year-end tasks including gradebook and course backups, administering the link between Moodle and your MIS system as well as preparations for the new academic year.

We’re currently working on a Moodle support portal which will host guides like this in a central location for all our customers. For now though, you can download the full PDF version of the guide here:

Titus Learning – Academic Year End Procedures (EduLink)

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