December 20, 2022

It has been proven that learner motivation, engagement and performance can be greatly improved when gamification is incorporated into online and blended learning programmes. 

Users are more likely to explore content and experience a positive learning journey when programmes feature challenges and rewards and there’s an element of competition and recognition.

Adaptive and Dynamic Learning Paths

Access and completion of all activities and resources within a course can be tracked and reported with Totara Learn. This enables learners to be directed toward specific learning items which require their completion and also, aids learning and development professionals to create courses which show the right content at the right time. 

A variety of access and visibility conditions for activities and resources mean specific learning items can be shown to or hidden from different user groups by course managers. Set content visibility and access based on various factors including current course grades, position within the company and previous activity. 

The range of conditions of access available with Totara Learn can be combined and designed in a manner which results in an adaptive, gamified learning experience which features hidden activities and rewards. 

Learner Recognition and Reward

Recognise effort, acknowledge achievements and celebrate excellence by giving digital awards such as badges to learners. 

An element of gamification can be added to Totara Learn course by awarding learners with badges when they complete activities, explore resources or undertake set challenges. 

The awarding of badges adds a competitive element to learning journeys as users can display any earned badges and compete with one another to achieve a full set. Earned badges can be displayed internally on a learner’s dashboards, profile or course pages but may also be displayed externally on social media platforms. 

Completion of more challenging assignments in order to achieve a higher overall grade can also be encouraged via the awarding of certificates. Personalised and custom-designed certificates featuring company branding can be automatically generated by Totara Learn. 

Healthy Competition Between Learners

Increase engagement and motivate learners to achieve to the best of their abilities by tapping into their competitive nature. Display the highest grades (or lowest grades) or scale all results of SCORM-based eLearning, quizzes and assignments by adding results blocks to courses. Results achieved by individuals within a course can be displayed on leaderboards anonymously or via names and identification numbers. 

Scores of group-based activities such as seminars and workshops may also be displayed via the activity results block, encouraging competitive teams to work together to achieve the top spots on leaderboards. 

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