EduLink One for VLE-MIS Integration

EduLink One

EduLink One gives teachers, students and parents a single interface to share reports, documents and information on a range of devices, allowing you to engage students, involve parents and empower teachers.

Regardless of the VLE you’re using, our solution allows you to access your MIS data from any web-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones.

EduLink One allows two-way sharing of data with your MIS software, enabling you to access information from, and write data back to the MIS.

Our easy to use web app, Communicator, utilises the MIS contacts to let you communicate with stakeholders via email or SMS.

Edulink One

Display data to staff, parents or students

Display key MIS data via EduLink to staff, parents or students in real time, with the ability to restrict sensitive information to specific authorised groups. Examples of the type of data available include:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour/Achievement
  • Documents (inc reports)
  • Medical Information
  • Parent Contact Information
  • Assessment Information
  • Calendar
  • Timetable

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Update your MIS in real time

Use EduLink to update information in the MIS in real time through the web interface or mobile app, “writing back” to SIMS. The types of data which can be synchronised through EduLink include:

  • Registers
  • Marksheets (for grades and reports)
  • Profiles (for reports)
  • Achievement/Behaviour

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Communicate quickly and simply with users

Connect and communicate quickly and simply with predefined groups of parents, staff or students using the Communicator app:

  • Send bulk messages to groups of contacts via SMS
  • Send bulk messages to groups of contacts via email
  • Use contact details from the SIMS database, no need to create a separate list

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Key benefits

  • Give staff the flexibility to work from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Improve the school’s communication with parents, increasing their engagement
  • Encourage more frequent use of the learning platform by staff, students and parents
  • Consolidate your core systems, which means less training for your staff
  • Increase student engagement by granting them access to appropriate MIS data

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