New integration for schools using WCBS

With a growing number of specialised education apps available, it can be increasingly difficult for schools to connect these apps to their management information system (MIS), often leading to lengthy manual input procedures – and risk of error.

Now MIS provider WCBS has teamed up with experts Wonde to simplify the way in which schools securely manage their information with third party applications. This quick and remote process enables seamless integration using the WCBS API.



Wonde is a well-known and trusted integration specialist in the MIS field. They understand the needs of schools, so are a perfect partner for WCBS, as their solutions have been designed exclusively for the independent and international school market and they have for over thirty years been a leading supplier around the world.

What does this mean for WCBS schools?

Easily connect and synchronise your school’s database with the approved third party applications – gaining even greater value from your investment! Through a secure platform, this cloud-based solution enables schools to take full control, ensuring sensitive information is never compromised and data protection regulations are adhered to.

With constant visibility of what information is being accessed and the ability to approve and decline requests, seamlessly connecting all your software solutions has never been easier.

Now WCBS can offer their customers even more functionality, data security, less duplication and no more laborious imports through their partnership with Wonde – already integrating with many favourite apps for schools including Titus Learning, Classroom Monitor, Class Charts, SchoolsBuddy and DCPro, with many more soon to be announced!

In order to ensure integration with the right third party apps, please take a moment to let WCBS know the systems your school is currently using by clicking here.

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