Using Moodle to increase parental engagement

Our latest downloadable guide is centred around the use of Moodle as a way to drive parental engagement.

More and more as part of a school’s overall strategy, involving parents as much as possible is advantageous for a number of reasons:

  • Ensuring that parents are aware of their child’s day to day education, the subjects they’re studying and the school’s expectations of them as a student.
  • Providing parents with relevant information about a child’s strengths and weaknesses or specific needs, allowing them to coordinate support.
  • Fostering constructive communication between a child’s parents and teachers.

Schools often ask ‘Why use Moodle to drive parental engagement, when there are so many other tools”?

A well designed Moodle platform, integrated with the school’s MIS software, provides the ideal tool for fostering a high level of parental engagement, because:

  • Parents have access to relevant data 24 hours a day, from a range of Internet devices.
  • Anytime access and regular updates to the data available encourages regular use.
  • Communication tools are available in real-time or asynchronously to connect parents with staff.
  • Allowing parents to view lesson plans and any work set for their children along with any feedback helps them to support their child from home.
  • Storing course materials, grades, important events, etc in Moodle reduces the overhead for teaching and admin staff in communicating this to parents.
  • Via EduLink One integration attainment, attendance, and behavioural data can be shared with parents via easy to view reports.

This guide covers a number of items, such as a range of checklists for granting LMS access to parents, ideas to drive parental engagement, the use of EduLink integration and advice on releasing credentials to parents.

We now have a Moodle support portal called ‘Titus Community’ which hosts guides like this in a central location for all our customers, which you can access here.

If you would like to download just the guide, then you can do so here:

Using Moodle to increase parental engagement

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