Titus – Our new identity

If you’ve visited our website or socials recently, you will have noticed that our logo, colour scheme and brand has changed, or more appropriately, has evolved to better reflect who we now are as an organisation. 

Since founding in 2013, Titus has grown from a two-man operation working from our founders’ back bedrooms, to an organisation with clients in 30+ countries worldwide, offices in the UK and UAE and Moodle Certified Premium Partner Status in the UK, UAE and Hong Kong, all while providing expert Moodle services to organisations such as Network Rail, UCL and the NHS. Because of this, we felt that our previous branding didn’t quite reflect our current position and decided it was time for an update. 

While we’re in the process of updating our branding, we thought we’d take you through the evolution of our brand to date…


Our first logo

The above left image was our first-ever logo (don’t judge us, our budget was tight!), designed by our co-founders Seb and Mike. While the design and aesthetics left a lot to be desired, we felt at the time it captured who we were and our ambitions for the future. The mortarboard above the ‘S’ was a nod to our work with Moodle and, coupled with the globe and word ‘learning’, we wanted to show our commitment to providing online teaching and learning services not just in the UK, but globally. 

This logo, as well as a few slight improvements (see top right image), saw us through to having five key staff members (two of which were Seb and Mike!), including our Head of Support and Delivery, Majid, our now Marketing Executive, Callum, and our now Theme Developer, Connor. We worked out of a fairly small office in Bradford, but this time really laid the foundations for future growth at Titus and saw plenty of international travel as we signed a large number of clients in East and Southeast Asia. 

Version 2.0

As seen above, in 2017, the brand had its first major upgrade. At this stage, our company had just moved from our office in Bradford to our spiritual home of Salts Mill in Saltaire, a UNESCO world heritage built by entrepreneur and industrialist Sir Titus Salt in 1853. Titus Salt was an advocate of access to education as well as being our namesake, so the connection was always there, but this move solidified it as part of our identity. 

It was also around this time that we went through the lengthy process of becoming a Certified Moodle Partner. Through detailing our commitment to the Moodle project and the work we had done, we were awarded our certification in September 2017.

As a company, our personality and identity really began to strengthen, and so we worked with a local design agency, The Other Person, to help show that with our branding. Through the brand development, we wanted our identity of being energetic, hard-working, friendly and approachable to shine through. 

2020 - Where we are today

We now arrive at our updated brand and identity. 

Over the last few years, we have seen a number of changes take place at Titus. Our team has grown exponentially from 8 in 2018, through to 30 today, and our operations have followed suit as we opened our second office in the UAE to better serve our international clients. 

With the arrival of Moodle Workplace, our continued focus on the corporate learning sector has grown further and allowed us to work with likes of Network Rail, the NHS and England Rugby, to name but a few. 

On top of all this, in February 2020, we were named one of the first-ever Moodle Certified Premium Partners in both the UK, UAE and Hong Kong. 

Again, we worked with The Other Person to develop something that would better represent our maturity and development as a company. The purple colour which we believe is a huge part of our identity and represents our personality remained, but the eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that we’ve dropped the “Learning” from our brand name. Providing great online learning tools will always be at the very heart of what we do, but as most of our customers, partners, and others in the market refer to as simply “Titus” we thought it was about time we did too. 

Thanks for reading – we’re very excited to see what else is in store, and hope you’re able to join us on the journey. 

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