Titus Learning comes home to Saltaire!

We’re delighted to announce that following the expansion of our team, we’ve moved to new, larger premises in the village of Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

The village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in beautiful surroundings. Most importantly to us though, we’ll be based in the iconic Salts Mill, built by our namesake Sir Titus Salt. Even better, we’ve actually moved into the office space once used by the man himself!

Our co-founder Mike explains the link between the village’s founder and our company:

“One thing for which Titus Salt is remembered is providing the village of Saltaire with a public library and lecture institute – enabling working people access to education at a time when this wasn’t common. In a similar way, we believe in the power of technology to enable self directed learning, and see the VLE as a modern day virtual community which gives students, staff and other stakeholders a common space to share, discuss and learn.”

Salts Mill is home to a number of other tech companies, and we’re looking forward to sharing advice, ideas, and no doubt a few pizzas with our new neighbours.

We’re also planning a grand opening in September, once we’ve fully completed the move and returned from the summer break. Watch this space for full details in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the move (or you want to ensure you’re on the invitation list!) you can contact our team in the usual way.

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