Titus invests in sustainable school uniform startup Kapes

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Today we’re incredibly proud to formally announce that Titus has invested in Kapes (https://kapes.co/), a startup which focuses on providing the world’s most sustainable school uniforms to the international school sector. 

As many of you will know, Titus was born from an opportunity to provide better and more effective e-learning tools to international schools at a time of change and adoption of emerging technologies within the sector. We recognise the same interest and enthusiasm within school communities now to implement sustainable practices, to work with environmentally focussed suppliers and meet the expectations of a new, greener generation of students and parents. 

As a committed supplier to the international school sector, we understand the importance of providing schools with options and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to make a difference through Kapes – giving schools a direct route through which to procure sustainable uniforms, an option that has been sorely missing until now. 

So why have we invested? The simple answer is that without new companies offering change, and challenging incumbent suppliers to improve their practices, schools and parents will be limited from being able to make an environmental choice as to where they source their uniform. We believe Kapes can make a difference, and that support from Titus will improve the reach and speed of the message that there is a more sustainable option available as schools look to review or renew their uniform supplier agreements.

One thing that we learned early on is that textile production is one of the biggest polluting industries worldwide, and with school uniforms typically being worn for only a single year, before generally ending up in landfill, they have a significant environmental impact. Kapes was established to help challenge the climate crisis, and specifically waste within the textile industry by both revolutionising the production of uniforms, via using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices, but also in the collection and recycling of used uniforms too, significantly reducing each item of uniform’s environmental impact.

In addition, based on research showing that wearing a school uniform can reduce absenteeism by up to 62%, Kapes has committed to providing a free sustainable school uniform to children in need for every school uniform they sell. 

Titus’ investment will not only increase Kapes’ capacity to reach more schools, and increase manufacturing capabilities to meet demand, but they will also be launching a program which will allow pupils to take field trips to the factories which produce Kapes uniforms. This will promote learning about the process behind uniform manufacture, connecting students to the origins of the clothes they wear every day,  and the importance of environmental protection. Utilising our e-learning expertise, we will also be providing a Moodle platform for Kapes which will host content related to environmental safety and protection. Access will be given to all Kapes-wearing pupils with the aim of increasing their learning and forming a community where they can share ideas and discussions. 

Titus Co-founders Seb and Mike will sit on the board at Kapes, and Seb commented:

I met with Matt shortly after we opened the Titus office in Dubai. I was initially interested to learn more about the sustainably sourced tailored clothing company he had started. I’d never come across anything similar and I am always keen to hear people’s entrepreneurial journey. Shortly after, he shared the idea of Kapes with me, and I was happy to assist Matt with getting a better understanding of the international school market. When the opportunity arose for Mike and I to get involved in a more official capacity, we jumped at the chance. It’s amazing to be part of a company that’s having such a positive impact on the lives of so many people. Starting with the source and production of the uniforms, through to the students at international schools and those in developing countries where we donate uniforms, and of course more widely to the environmental impact that benefits everybody. We’re feeling very positive about the future of Kapes and are excited to see what the next few years brings.“

Kapes founder Matthew added:

I’m really excited to have Seb, Mike, and Titus onboard. I felt that it was important to combine my background with some experience with Education, I wanted to add the experience of someone who had worked in Education. This is about so much more than just a uniform, and working with Seb and Mike, we can tie in the e-learning piece to help educate kids about the impacts of the fashion industry.

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