Tag: Free Moodle Course
29th January 2019, by , in Blog, Moodle Advice
Our latest downloadable Moodle course template is focussed on using Moodle for business, rather than in the education sector. Over the last few months, we’ve had a large increase in the number of corporate clients that we work with. Moodle usage in businesses is often substantially different than in educational environments and the number of...
21st November 2018, by , in Blog, e-Learning Advice
At Titus Learning, we’ve started to see an increase in the number of our clients that are using their Moodle platform to facilitate CPD training. So we took it upon ourselves to build a free Moodle CPD course template for you to use. Here’s how it works: CPD Announcements Forum – An auto subscription forum...
9th November 2018, by , in Blog, Moodle Advice
One of the main challenges for any academic institution is how to prepare its students for the working world. Careers advice, interview tips and CV advice are things that can be overlooked during a students’s education. So, we created a free Moodle course template for you to use that covers career advice post-education. Here’s how...

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