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Working with Moodle, I’m constantly reminded of its vast nature due to the number of plugins and third-party systems that I come across. Every single one of them comes with their own merits, but every now and then you stumble upon a gem, and that’s what we think of Amanote.

Amanote is a note taking app with a native plugin that fits straight into Moodle, which allows you to:

  • Improve your note taking – add clear, structured notes linked to the relevant section of the course materials.
  • Boost your marks – attainment among students has been shown to be higher when they have comprehensive notes to revise from.
  • Peer-to-peer learning – Amanote allows you to easily share notes with fellow students or teachers.
  • Save time – notes are saved right where you want them, no more scanning or typing up handwritten notes.

Amanote comes with a ton of cool features, including allowing you to; structure, organise and link notes automatically to your slides or documents, it can also record the speaker and link the audio to the right slides and track the time spent on each slide plus much more.

When I was a pupil, note taking was something that I particularly struggled with and I know it was a problem I shared with plenty of other students. My handwriting wasn’t the neatest, especially when rushed, and I always found it difficult knowing which points were important and worth taking down. An app like this would have made a world of difference to me when I was in school, and that’s why I’m especially excited about this plugin and looking forward to getting people using it.

Given its range of features, it’s something we’ll be implementing much more and promoting to all our customers.

To learn more about Amanote, or to find out how we could help your school or organisation improve engagement, communication and learning outcomes, book a short online demo with one of our team here:

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