Bespoke Moodle Development for BWL:

Feature-Rich LMS, Enhanced Learner Tracking

British Weightlifting - Titus Moodle Client


British Weight Lifting (BWL) is the National Governing Body for Olympic Weight Lifting and Paralympic Powerlifting in Great Britain.

Titus worked with BWL to design and implement a fully featured online learning platform, which would enable them to offer online tuition, assessment and learner tracking across a wide range of courses and locations.


The Challenge

Moving multiple courses online while ensuring students and educators alike remained highly engaged with the programme, and administrators could track progress accurately.

Our Solution

Bespoke Moodle e-learning platform:

  • Custom Moodle theme to support the BWL brand and ensure a clear, consistent layout for ease of use.
  • Support for educational games, tasks, exams, and essay submissions.
  • Progress tracking for groups and individual learners with detailed reporting on demand.
  • Infrastructure to support substantial user base of learners.

Proactive training and support package:

  • Face to face training for key BWL staff.
  • Remote management and maintenance of the platform.
  • Proactive support to improve user engagement and performance.
British Weightlifting - Titus Moodle Client Mockup

Outcome & Impact

Efficiency, Interaction and Traction

In the words of BWL’s Workforce Development Manager, Kristian Hargreaves, “The impact has been huge”. Users have found the new platform easy to use and keep updated, and consider it a more interactive learning experience.

From launch, the team at BWL have been able to implement successful tracking of their learners to allow standardised reporting and verification.

Improved efficiency, leading to a reduction in on-course time means BWL are now able to offer a much broader portfolio of courses, improving their whole learning offer.

This also means that new course concepts can be developed and brought to fruition much more quickly, allowing effective testing of innovative ideas.

Bringing much of the course load online has had practical benefits too, in reducing the need for venue booking and selecting mutually agreeable dates for sessions.

The next phase of the project will see BWL add staff CPD courses, and membership/club benefits, including in non-sport-specific areas to give learners more rounded support.

The Review

“I couldn’t recommend Titus Learning enough to anyone who is looking to launch an e-learning system. The content and platform that they have created looks great and very user friendly. The support and training package that they offer blows the competition out of the water!

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